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Thread: Oregon State Wrestling

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    Covington Makes it 12 Straight in No. 14 Wrestling's Loss to No. 8 Oklahoma

    Sophomore Kelly Kubec won his 32nd match in overtime on Sunday.

    Feb. 14, 2010

    Norman, Okla. ? Ninth-ranked junior Colby Covington (Springfield, Ore.) improved to 12 straight with a decision in his 174 pound match, but the No. 14 Oregon State wrestling team (18-3) fell 25-6 to No. 8 Oklahoma (15-2-1) on Sunday afternoon.

    Covington scored first with a takedown, limiting No. 15 Jeff James to only escape points, to take the bout 12-6. Covington only led by one point after each of the first two periods before breaking it open in the final two minutes.

    Sixteenth-ranked Kelly Kubec (Lake Stevens, Wash.) was the only other wrestler to earn a win, earning the 5-3 decision in overtime over Kendrick Maple. Maple scored first on a takedown before making it 3-0 on an escape to start the second period. Kubec started the third period on the bottom, earning the escape before the takedown to tie things up with 16 seconds remaining. Kubec tallied the match-winning takedown with 20 seconds left to go in overtime.

    Redshirt freshman No. 20 Mike Mangrum (Auburn, Wash.), 13th-ranked senior Keegan Davis (Salem, Ore.), senior Dan Brascetta (Aurora, Colo.), redshirt freshman Ty Vinson (Great Falls, Mont.) and 13th-ranked sophomore Clayton Jack (Vacaville, Calif.) all fell in their matches by two or less points.

    Oregon State falls to 18-3, while Oklahoma is now 15-2-1.

    Oregon State has a week off before heading to the Pac-10 Championships on Friday, Feb. 26.
    OSU OU
    125 Pounds ? No. 18 Jarrod Patterson (OU) decision over No. 15 Jason Lara (OSU), 8-1 0 3
    133 Pounds ? No. 16 Kelly Kubec (OSU) decision over Kendrick Maple (OU), 5-3 (OT) 3 3
    141 Pounds ? No. 3 Zack Bailey (OU) decision over No. 20 Mike Mangrum (OSU), 3-1 3 6
    149 Pounds ? No. 3 Kyle Terry (OU) major decision over RJ Pena (OSU), 15-3 3 10
    157 Pounds ? Chad Terry (OU) decision over No. 13 Keegan Davis (OSU), 5-4 3 13
    165 Pounds ? No. 15 Tyler Caldwell (OU) decision over Dan Brascetta (OSU), 7-5 3 16
    174 Pounds ? No. 9 Colby Covington (OSU) decision over No. 15 Jeff James (OU), 12-6 6 16
    184 Pounds ? Erich Schmidtke (OU) decision over Ty Vinson (OSU), 3-2 6 19
    197 Pounds ? No. 6 Eric Lapotsky (OU) decision over Chad Hanke (OSU), 7-2 6 22
    Heavyweight ? No. 15 Nathan Fernandez (OU) dec over No. 13 Clayton Jack (OSU), 7-5 6 25

    Oregon State Notes ? Junior Colby Covington is still 10th all-time in career winning percentage (.875) with a 35-5 overall record ? Sophomore Kelly Kubec is now 2-1 in overtime matches now.
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    Wrestling Remains Top 15, Six Still Ranked

    Senior Keegan Davis moved up a spot in the rankings to 12th this week.

    Feb. 17, 2010

    Corvallis, Ore. ? The Oregon State wrestling team remains in the top 15 in the NWCA/USA Today Division I Team Coaches Poll for week 14.

    The Beavers were previously ranked 14th last week, 20th two weeks ago, 21st the week before that and 22nd for the two weeks prior to that after breaking into the list in the December 8 poll. Oregon State finished the regular season 18-3, 6 -2 Pac-10, and currently is tied for the second most dual meet wins behind No. 1 Iowa (21-0) in the top 25.

    In other rankings, Oregon State is ranked as high as 13th in the poll. The Beavers are 15th in the Intermat poll and are 14th according to Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine (WIN).

    Junior Colby Covington (Springfield, Ore.) remains in the top 10 in the InterMat Division I Individual Rankings, with the same ninth place ranking for the fourth week in a row. Covington, who was previously ranked 11th, moved up after defeating previously ranked No. 3 Stephen Dwyer of Nebraska on January 24 in a 2-1 decision at 174 pounds. He has pinned five of his last seven competitors.

    Five other Oregon State wrestlers also remain ranked in the InterMat Individual Rankings with senior Keegan Davis (Salem, Ore.) leading the way with a 13th place ranking at 157 pounds. Redshirt sophomore Jason Lara (Midway City, Calif.) and sophomores Kelly Kubec (Lake Stevens, Wash.) and Clayton Jack (Vacaville, Calif.) are 16th at 125 and 133 pounds and heavyweight. Redshirt freshman Mike Mangrum (Auburn, Wash.) made his way back into the rankings last week, now ranked 19th after being 20th.

    The Beavers have defeated three top 25 opponents in No. 12 Wisconsin in the first dual of the season, No. 24 Arizona State and No. 16 Cal Poly, but fell to No. 8/12 Boise State and No. 8 Oklahoma.

    The last time Oregon State was ranked this highly was in the January 31, 2001, under former head coach Joe Wells. The Beavers ranged from 12th to 17th place, finishing the season off in 17th place.

    Oregon State has a bye this week before heading to the Pac-10 Championships. The two-day event begins on Friday, Feb. 26 at UC Davis.
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    I'll bet 50 pushups with anyone here that OSU wins the dual over BSU. I'll give my best guess breakdown of the dual later this afternoon.
    How did that work out for you?

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    I've done 250 pushups because of that dual.
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    I know that I'm a little bit late in posting this but as we get ready for the 2010-2011 season I thought now would be a good time to look back at last year.
    Here's the highlight video
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Quick note about the beginning of the first video. Their camp is at Silver Falls State park, the cabin that they ate in is where my sister had her wedding reception and I used to run the same trails that they were on. Great workout and incredible scenery along with some nasty hills and canyons--but you do get to run behind a couple of waterfalls.
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    Pretty cool videos. Cant wait to follow the Beavers again this year. PAC10 wrestling has really gotten pretty decent in the past couple of years.

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    I think that OSU will have to work pretty hard to capture another Pac 10 title. BSU looks awfully tough with Hocc, Hall, Lee, and Smith but with OSU bringing back Lara, Mangrum, Pena (a dark horse AA pick) Covington, Jack and some others they definitely have a chance. It'll also be interesting to watch ASU's newest recruit. . .
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    I love the direction Cal Poly is heading in as well.

    Boise definately is the front runner at this point. They are loaded. OSU has a solid squad and I think they will take another step in the right direction this year. Z and Steiner have those kids training hard and wrestling with the right mindset. I see the guys you mentioned being very competetive, not only in the conference but nationally as well. The jury is still out on ASU although I think the new regime will get that ship righted. As I said earlier I like Cal Poly, scratch that. I love Cal Poly. I had Boris and Pami on my fantasy team last year and really got into them as a team. Hell, I had Kubec Jack and Mangrum on my team as well. I guess my fantasy team sort of opened my eyes to west coast wrestling. Very excited to follow those teams again this year.

    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    Your characterization of Pena as a "dark horse AA" is pretty questionable. Especially in light of his results in the spring semester of last season where he went 7-7 in those 14 matches (this does not include two wins by FORFEIT). Including losses by FALL to Nick Jordan of CS Fullerton and Nick Fisher of Cal Poly.

    149 01/07 Cole Dallaserra (WYO) W D, 4-1
    Stanford Duals
    149 01/09 Justin Gonzales (UNC) W T, 17-2
    149 01/09 Cody Gibson (Menlo) W F, 1:36
    149 01/15 No. 16 Barrett Abel (UCD) L D, 15-9
    149 01/17 John Cardenas (CSUB) W F, 2:19
    149 01/31 Vicente Varela (ASU) W D, 5-2
    149 02/05 Nick Jordan (CSF) L F, 2:43
    149 02/06 Nick Fisher (CP) L F, 5:27
    149 02/12 No. 6 Jason Chamberlain (BSU) L D, 8-5
    149 02/12 No. 3 Kyle Terry (OU) L M, 15-3

    Pac-10 Championships - Fifth Place
    149 02/26 Vicente Varela (ASU) L D, 9-7
    149 02/26 Tyler Parker (STAN) W D, 6-3
    149 02/27 No. 6 Jason Chamberlain (BSU) L D, 6-1
    149 02/27 Vicente Varela (ASU) W F, 6:33

    Secondly, at this point, we don't even know, for sure, whether Pena will be the starter for Oregon State this season at 149 lbs. They could decide to start Scott Sakaguchi (sic?) and redshirt Pena - since last season Pena competed as a True Freshman. Only time will tell.

    Third, it seems, the biggest story regarding Oregon State right now is this one:

    I have to say I laughed pretty loudly when I read about this yesterday.
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