Could potentially be a couple this year.

As far as #1 and #2 in the same conference we only have

149: Metcalf vs Palmer (Big 10)
197: Varner vs Brester (Big 12)

However, it's quite possible we could see the following

157: JPO vs Steve Fittery (EIWA)
133: Ness vs Gomez (Big 10)
133: Gomez vs Dennis (Big 10)
133: Ness vs Dennis (Big 10)
125: Mcdonough vs Escobedo (Big 10...not out of the question)
184: Dergo vs Pucillo (stretch....but the guy is a 2 time finalist)
HWT: Rosholt vs Ellis (Big 12....can't count out last year's champ)

Did I miss any potentials?