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The radio announcer Jeff Byers today made a comment about next years B10 wrestling schedule change for Conference matches.

Next year every school will have 2 duals in a weekend two times. Thats 4 matches. That means the remaining 4 matches will be single dual meet weekends. That might suck for fantasy points btw!

He also said that instead of have 2 duals @ home or on the road, they will be split from now on.

I don't know what the B10 would do this as it does not make sense especially when schools are on tighter budgets & it only makes sense to do 2 duals per weekend every weekend as the road trips have to be planned as such.

Like as of now if PSU has a road trip like this past weekend they go to 2 nearby schools, (like Michigan & Michigan State or Iowa & Wisconsin or Northwestern & Illinois). If they have to split these up in home/Away instead 2 homes or 2 aways I think that will put a financial strain on the programs.

Which all know we dont need...

from Grapplefan:
That sounds foolish to me, too. Cutting expenses is key right now.