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Thread: Wrestling Superlatives

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    There's always Metcalf, but did Lavalley ride him in that 3-2 match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    Keddy got ridden badly twice this year - once by Cannon and I can't think of the 2nd one but I think it was national duals. I think it's time to pass the "stand up" torch - though I don't have anyone to take his place.
    It's the "best stand up" award, not "best from bottom" or "unable to be ridden" award. IMO he has the best stand up.
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    Click on "Free Events" and look down to see "Wrestling" & "Iowa vs. Michigan State Highlights", and click watch. Go to 3:14 and watch Phil Keddy stand up so fast that his opponent is still in the referee's position as Phil is up and facing him. Conversation over.
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    Wait, I didn't see i.....OH I GET IT, NICE!

    Just kidding...Keddy has a great stand up because he has tree stumps for legs.
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    Slide By: While he doesn't use it quite as much as he used to (actually has made the transition more to leg shots) I've yet to see anyone in college currently with a better one than Dustin Schlatter.

    Inside Trip: Can't really think of anyone off hand who really relies on it, I guess I'll go with Zach Sanders as it is something that he likes to do, albeit sparingly.

    Front Headlock: Another pretty easy choice, this has to be Brent Metcalf. Earlier in his career he liked to try and lunge to get his front head but as his career has progressed he's done a fantastic job of letting the move come to him.

    Leg Defense: Kind of a toss up for me between Mack Lewnes, and Jake Varner. Both guys are fantastic at using their head hands to prevent people from even getting to their legs. If people do penetrate on them Lewnes is better at scrambling away, while Varner generally just powers out.

    Funk: Again a toss up here for me between Kyle Ruschell, and Jay Borschel. You really can't shoot a single on either one of these guys with success because they'll just sit to their hip and then cut the corner for their own takedown.

    Arm Bar: Hard to say here given that Lou Ruggirello is redshirting this year. For now I'm going with Scott Sentes just because of the big cookie, and thread the needle turns that he got in his match against Steve Bell.

    Cradle: Honestly can't think of anyone immediately off hand...

    Leg Riding: Going to go with this year's current D1 pins leader Hudson Taylor here. Lance Palmer is still very steadily tough with legs, and then Kyle Dake has looked very good using his boots as well against opponents not named Mike Thorn (who might have the best defense against leg riders in the country).

    Tilts: He continued to show that he was the best this weekend with his 17-0 tech fall over Jason Lara, its Anthony Robles here and it isn't particularly close.

    Crab Ride: Much like Schlatter with the slide by, he hasn't gotten the opportunity to use it much this year but I haven't seen anyone better with this so far than Troy Nickerson.

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    What about "Biggest Homer" on TWT?

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    Turk: Ever since the wake of last year's National Duals this has been Brent Metcalf both with the standard variety that he's become very good at hitting as he finishes shots and the bent leg variety that he's just brutal with once he gets on top of guys.

    Gas Tank: While I've said many times that I hate talking about it since its been so overplayed you obviously can't talk about gas tanks and not bring up Brent Metcalf. Have to give honorable mentions to Andrew Howe and Colt Sponseller here.

    Strongest: If you're looking for just the straight up strongest guy in the country you'd have to go with a heavyweight, my pick there would probably be Nathan Everhart who is just built like a house. Non heavyweight would probably be Jake Varner. Lightweight to low middleweight (125-157) I'd go with Frank Molinaro.

    Most Athletic: Another tough one here I guess I'll go with Mack Lewnes who showed some unreal athleticism in his finals match of the Scuffle as he scrambled around with Henrich.

    Best Overall: Like I said in most of the other categories where I've mentioned him as of right now its foolish not to say Brent Metcalf here given how things stand up right now. If he wrestles for the rest of the year in the foul mood that he seemed to be in while demolishing the #5 guy at his weight I'd say Jake Varner may stake a claim to this by the end. Had he not injured himself against Sentes I think Jayson Ness might have been able to stake a claim here but right now he doesn't have the wins over the quality opponents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    What about "Biggest Homer" on TWT?
    I'm working on it but I think Wiltz and Jensens still have me beat.
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    Herkey or KR are two biggest imo.
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