I am posting this request to ask for help uploading videos to FLOWRESTLING...

I have previously uploaded the Mark Schultz vs. Ed Banach 1982 NCAA Finals match on Youtube(--my first).

I then started a Flowrestling account, and wanted to upload the match to Flowrestling(--from Youtube). When I tried to upload it, I kept getting a "JAVA" error.

I then found the converted video on my computer(--a one year old HP with Windows XP). I then tried to upload the converted video(that I had already uploaded to Youtube), and I got the same error(--JAVA error).

I then tried to use the "older version" as listed. It didn't work either.

I contacted Flowrestling support, and can't get it to work. I know how busy Flowrestling is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Henry R. Angelilli