First question: Why is Iowa State ranked ahead of Iowa in the dual rankings when Iowa has beaten Iowa State twice? This is garbage!

Answer: Each team is compared to each other team, wrestler-by-wrestler, in the Dual Impact Index. Andrew Sorenson being ranked ahead of Aaron Janssen makes sense, considering that although Sorenson has lost to Janssen twice, he's also beaten Neil Erisman, Kyle John, and Tyson Reiner, all of whom Janssen lost to. Bonus points are given for differences of 40, 50, and 60 points, which would put the "mock dual" between Iowa and Iowa State at 17-16 (Varner teching Lofthouse, and Borschel majoring Burk). While Iowa certainly has Iowa State's number, these rankings are based on an entire body of work, and the Cyclones rank ahead as a result.