In yesterday's Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post, there were full-page ads for the Big Ten Network, featuring a big photo of Jim Tressel, with the headline something like "Using your body to spell out 'Y-M-C-A": Silly. Using your body to spell out 'O-H-I-O': Sacred."*

At the bottom of the ad, under the Big Ten Network logo, there were some sports listed... but not wrestling.

The cynic in me is wondering: Do we know for sure that wrestling will be part of the Big Ten Network coverage? I'm wondering, since it wasn't mentioned in the ad, and no mention of commentators in a press release naming other sports commentators for the network...


* I guess no one has ever told the folks in Columbus that they go to Ohio STATE. It drives those of us who went to THE Ohio University in Athens -- first and finest in Ohio, aka Harvard on the Hocking, alma mater to media giants Matt Lauer, Peter King, and Clarence Page -- that the ag school up in the capital has misappropriated our name. ;-)