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Thread: Will Big 10 Network Have Wrestling For Sure?

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    Default Will Big 10 Network Have Wrestling For Sure?

    In yesterday's Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post, there were full-page ads for the Big Ten Network, featuring a big photo of Jim Tressel, with the headline something like "Using your body to spell out 'Y-M-C-A": Silly. Using your body to spell out 'O-H-I-O': Sacred."*

    At the bottom of the ad, under the Big Ten Network logo, there were some sports listed... but not wrestling.

    The cynic in me is wondering: Do we know for sure that wrestling will be part of the Big Ten Network coverage? I'm wondering, since it wasn't mentioned in the ad, and no mention of commentators in a press release naming other sports commentators for the network...


    * I guess no one has ever told the folks in Columbus that they go to Ohio STATE. It drives those of us who went to THE Ohio University in Athens -- first and finest in Ohio, aka Harvard on the Hocking, alma mater to media giants Matt Lauer, Peter King, and Clarence Page -- that the ag school up in the capital has misappropriated our name. ;-)

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    Mark I listened to the President of the Big Ten network in an interview and wrestling was mentioned several times. Also, each school gets 60 hours of programming to use as the sees fit. I think wrestling will be on for sure.

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    From the interview with Mark Silverman.

    Q: As far as Olympic sports, you talked briefly in Iowa City about that topic a few weeks back. What about wrestling? Will that be a part of the programming on the BTN?

    Silverman: Iowa wrestling, yes. As we look at for the Olympic sports, we are guaranteed a minimum of 10 wrestling events on the network. What we will do on those Olympic sports where we have numbers like that, we can televise more if we would like to and if it generates interest. We anticipate several Iowa wrestling matches. We are not sure of the exact number as we are laying out our program schedule, but wrestling is a key winter Olympic sport on the network.

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    Thanks, Wiltz, for answering my question and providng the quote.

    It's possible that the Big Ten Network is running ads that are "localized" to a particular area -- for example, assuming that Cincinnatians would be interested in Ohio State football. It's possible that those of you in Iowa will see ads that feature Tom Brands and Dan Gable.

    Has anyone else seen any Big Ten Network print ads in newspapers and magazines? If so, what was the message? Thanks!


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    If each school gets to use the programming as they wish, it will be interesting to see what Minny does. Do they give more air time to wrestling, the more successful sport, or hockey, the more popular sport?

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    My money is on Hockey. Much larger fan base unfortunately. I love Gopher Hockey but live for wrestling. I'm in the minority in Minnesota

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