125 McDonough WBF 2:13 (6-0)
133 Dennis WMD 16-5 (10-0)
141 Marion WBF 3:53 (16-0)
149 Metcalf WDQ (22-0)

Here's the PBP of the Metcalf match (info from Redbirdhawk on the Rivals board):

Posted: 01/24/2010 at 1:34:35 pm reply with quote

Metcalf up 6-1 after 1.

BM starts the 2nd period down.

BM sits out and gets hand control.

BM works Fertucci to the mat for simple TD. Escape 8-3.

Quick go behind for TD. Cut him.

BM gets a bent leg turk and cradles him, gets a 5 count. Now he goes for
fall, grabs his chin and holds it tight. Ironside says that Fertucci
hits Metcalf in the eye twice with his knee, cutting Brent's eye open.
Brent has words with Fertucci.

Fertucci is hit with flagrant foul and forfeits the match. Six team points.

Brent had the pin with his chin tight when the PU wrestlers knees him the face twice.