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Thread: Coach Brands at a Meet

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    Professors generally don't consider the classroom public. Some professors wear ties, many don't. None of the IU coaches were drunk in public. The gathering was very private, did not include members of the Hawkeye fan club, and many other people (including Oklahoma's entire team) were kept out by hotel security.

    The answer to the question, "Which do you think represents the University better?" is critical. Obviously, I come down on the conservative side of the question. I respect those who disagree with me but I hope you agree that I have a right to my opinion.

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    Dr Norman, try to keep an open mind, an open heart, and not judge too harshly on appearances. As a group, wrestling coaches are seldom cited for fashion or eloquence. Coach Brands is certainly a unique individual, but he's genuine and honest. We've seen other more-polished coaches with much less skill, and much less coaching ability. For him, its all a work in progress. It always will be. As my father-in-law said, its about direction, not perfection. Are you better than you were yesterday?

    We both know the dirty little secret with some other coaches long ago, including some I'm sure you knew, is that they covered up serious problems to keep up appearances, kind of like wearing a sharp suit over dirty underwear. They sobered their guys up for meets, bailed others out of jail, and covered up the illiteracy of still more. If you were more proud of the suits the coaches wore than you were of the quality and improvement of the men who wrestled, then perhaps you should follow basketball instead.

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