I wonder if Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, John Smith, or Dr. Harold Nichols ever forgot to wear ties to any of their wrestling matches or tournaments. I'm embarassed for the University of Iowa when I see the Brands brothers and their other assistants dressed like they are headed for a picnic in the backyard.

I've been watching Iowa wrestling since the 1950's. I remember watching Shelby Wilson wrestling Ron Gray in Ames in one of the great matches of all time and Nichols' tie was bouncing off his chest so much I thought he was going to lose it. Of course, he never did.

This week John Smith's team wrestled Tom Brands' team. John looked like he belonged in the chair as the coach. Brand looked like he wondered into the coaches' area by mistake. My point is that when you are the coach, you don't dress like one of the wrestlers after a match. You dress as the parents of your next recruit would expect you to dress, as the Iowa alums expect you to dress, etc.

Oh, and Tom, you need to develop some interviewing skills. This hostile crap with the media only turns people off big-time. Learn to talk like a gentleman, even if you don't like to think of yourself that way.