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Thread: It's Official Goodall to Rutgers

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    Default It's Official Goodall to Rutgers

    Scott Goodale, coach Jackson HS, former Lock Haven qualifer will take over the mat at Rutgers.

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    Default Re: It's Official Goodall to Rutgers

    This guy Goodale doesn't know what he is getting into. This ain't no high school wrestling anymore. Its a year round deal now. How much does he know about Rutgers Athletic stuff and all the crappy rules that Rutgers has?

    Rutgers wrestling room is unaccessible throughout the day. Outsiders can't come in to workout which really robs the program off of some wrestlers from other schools stopping by to give a new look throughout the year.

    No money for off season tourneys. Room is opened only twice per week. Nobody wants to do freestyle and with no outside guys allowed who is there to workout with, and on, and on, and on.

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