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Thread: Suzie Shagwell

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    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Good job Wiltz.

    Here is the thing message boards can be good, but certain people go way over board on things and honestly that is what ruins it. There will always be a certain degree of speculation on boards, that is what they are here for.

    However the infatuation with certain people honestly it gets annoying and I for one don't bother to read. I have a million other things to worry about.
    Champions are made while no one is watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    Don't worry I gotcha covered.
    lol noted!
    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    I went there once and that was more than enough .

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    I found Suzie very funny...tee hee hee
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    If we were to have a troll migration we would ban with extreme prejudice.

    We haven't banned anyone other than spammers in a while either, its quite possible that we may be a little due.

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    Big was the last one that I can remember to get banned.

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    Having inherited the unenviable position as a forum moderator at, as we say, "the other board," I'm not going to just zap things for no good reason. We'll have a set of rules in place shortly, with clearly outlined do's and don't.

    I'll have to disagree regarding the rumors things, because I read them just like anyone else ... but when they're completely unsubstantiated (and in the Welch case - completely shot down), then can end up making more problems within the thread.

    I'm not new to message boards, ask anyone who used to frequent Mat Talk On-Line when I started and maintained it back in Virginia.

    I guess I might have inherited the "target" over there, but honestly, who wants a bunch of B.S. to sift through? TWT does a good job of that and I applaud Shane's efforts over here. I'm still a part of the community and my relationship with every wrestling organization (sans one) will help develop greater relationships and promote wrestling.

    People can claim censorship all they want, but there's really no place for a lot of the crap that starts from good threads. Like this board, the ability to lock topics will be added, as well as reporting tools like TWT. It's a bit overdue, but the techs working with us here at USAW have done an admirable job in getting things set for a future release.

    Take that ISU KJ thread. It was a good, insightful post, but the degrading nature of the response made the thread no longer relevant and it slid down into typical "cesspool" discussion.

    Some people are trolls on the side, some people are trolls intentionally. Does it do anyone in the sport any good if my time is spent deleting pointless and antagonizing posts rather than preparing for broadcasts, writing stories, shooting video ... that are all for the benefit of the community?

    I mean, why do people go out of their way to make people delete posts? The last straw was the flood of posts by said poster (Shagwell) after I went to sleep at midnight mountain time ... which is 2 a.m. eastern, when most rational folks are sleeping. I keep late hours, but if you spend time making life difficult for the people who try their damnedest to help, promote and improve our sport, you're part of the problem with it.

    From the folks that know me personally, I can be a bit brash at times, but for the most part, I'm pretty easy going and like all things wrestling. I'd like to think the time I've put into wrestling has been well-served and for the benefit of every wrestling fan out there ... taking my time away from doing what I do best, to deal with trolls and spammers hurts the sport.

    As stated in nearly every question ever posed to me on the boards wherever I worked, I'm always available for discussion. My e-mail is readily available anywhere you know I dwell.

    The one thing I'm looking for the most is responsibility and accountability. Sometimes that's tough to come by with a small population of our fans.

    Those negative impacts can drive people away from a site. Even before TWT and TOM spawned, and those are things I'm trying to correct. and USA Wrestling as a whole has a bevy of informative options and if a few bad apples drive good people away, who suffers? The people who want to know the news.

    As always, I'm open to suggestions, constructive criticisms, etc.


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    If JB has a problem with you, most likely I have a problem with you as well. Its good to know you are over there JB. Maybe someday I will be allowed back over there? Ha ha. Its been two years now!!!
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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