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Thread: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: All Weights Posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapplefan View Post
    Back to JensenS 133 group, I like his list for this weight, but I wouldn't underestimate Grey. He's on a mission these days.
    Don't see Grey breaking through. Not consistent enough in my opinion. Just looking at the guys that Jensens put ahead of Grey I don't see any person that I would predict to lose to Grey.
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    I like Grey to get on the podium too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grapplefan View Post
    Back to JensenS 133 group, I like his list for this weight, but I wouldn't underestimate Grey. He's on a mission these days.
    I had actually Grey down as the #8 guy on the list after his monster weekend at National Duals for quite a while.

    Then right before I put the list up here I decided I wanted to be self congratulatory and decided to bump Novachkov (who has beaten Grey already this year) to the big boy list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    Damn, you love Dong.
    That's just wrong....

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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: 125 Posted

    Why no Ashmore ?? He just won 3 in a row !!
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    I'm surprised that nobody (particularly LoSt) has mentioned Mitcheff's major over Bell this weekend. I can't help but wonder if he's having some kind of injury issues or something. Losing to tough kids is one thing but he's had some pretty big losses the last few weeks and that just doesn't seem right.

    Also, Letts didn't wrestle in any of Maryland's 3 matches yesterday so I wonder what's going on there.
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    Just a heads up going in, Nick Gallick will not be included in these due to uncertainties about his health.

    Were he definitely healthy I'd have him either 3rd or 4th.


    1. Reece Humphrey (Ohio State)
    2. Kellen Russell (Michigan)
    3. Nick Gallick (Iowa State)
    4. Alex Krom (Maryland)
    5. Chris Drouin (Arizona State)
    6. Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh)
    7. Brandon Rader (West Virginia)
    8. Kyle Dake (Cornell)
    R12. Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State), Filip Novachkov (Cal-Poly), Dan LeClere (Iowa), Mike Thorn (Minnesota)

    Mid Season
    1. Reece Humphrey (Ohio State)
    2. Kyle Dake (Cornell)
    3. Joe Slaton (Iowa)
    4. Filip Novachkov (Cal-Poly)
    5. Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh)
    6. Alex Krom (Maryland)
    7. Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State)
    8. Mike Thorn (Minnesota)
    R12. Germaine Lindsey (Ohio), Zach Bailey (Oklahoma), Chris Drouin (Arizona State), Chris Diaz (Virginia Tech)

    It may be indicative of a minor-major case of hard headedness but for the third weight in a row I'm sticking with the same champion pick that I've been making since June. Humphrey has been solid since he moved up so far this year but kind of like Oliver in the last weight there were a lot of people coming in who expected him to be spectacular. So far this year he has wins over Melde (12-4), Bailey (5-3), Ciasulli (7-1), Hashimoto (15-6), Dake (4-2), Novachkov (5-3), and Thorn (6-5). He took two losses at National Duals to Drouin and Dake to fall out of the top spot but I think he rallies over the second half and keeps the 141 pound title in Columbus for another year.

    Dake is probably the captain of the JensenS self congratulatory All Stars as he is another guy that I've been picking as an All American since June. I certainly didn't expect him to come out like he did so far this year though. In the matches that I've watched he legitimately has no clear weaknesses. He's strong offensively and defensively from the feet, he's good off the bottom, and from top he has shown skills at both riding and turning. Like Humphrey last year he had an absolutely monstrous National Duals recording wins this year over Humphrey, Krom, Levi Jones, and Schavrien. He's got another win over Krom from earlier in the year as well as wins over Bailey, Drouin, Nelson, Lindsey, and Thorn. His only two losses so far came in the Las Vegas tournament to Humphrey and Bailey.

    While I find Slaton to be more than a little unlikeable as a wrestler I can't deny the fact that the man is very good, and if he's able to solidify his spot in the Iowa line up I like him to place very high. His elbow off to shot series when he has it working from the feet ranks right up there with the most effortless looking takedowns in the sport. So far this year in limited competition he has a 10-3 win over Jensen, and then wins over Nauman (9-6), his teammate Montell Marion (10-5), and a major over the redshirting Lou Ruggirello all three of these being at the Midlands tournament. His only loss so far this year was 6-5 to Kennedy at Midlands.

    I don't remember being as roundly lambasted for picking Filip to make the Round of 12 this year and he is kind of overshadowed as a member of my self aggrandizement squad given that Dake is here at this same weight class but I'm again pretty proud that my preseason pick of a stellar season for Novachkov has worked out. Like his brother he announced himself with a big Las Vegas tournament where he defeated Chris Diaz and Levi Jones before falling short to Humphrey in the finals. Unlike his brother though he had a brutal Reno tournament falling to Lindsey and Nacita. He's also got pins over Schavrien and Bailey, and then wins over Nacita and Parks. Nacita has beaten him as well, then he also has a bad loss to Kyle Bradley.

    Nauman has kind of slowed down just a little bit after a red hot start that was highlighted by his 16-0 tech fall victory over Ryan Prater. Nauman still looks to be a guy who puts a lot of points up on the board and sometimes it works to his benefit but sometimes it will cost him as well. Other than the tech over Prater he's also got wins over Ciasulli, Nelson, and Melde. He's got a loss to Ciasulli, a bad loss to Colby Pisani, and then a tough loss to Slaton.

    Out of all the guys in the country who had bad goes at National Duals, Krom's weekend may very well have been the worst losing by fall to Jensen, dropping his second loss of the year to Dake, and then finishing the weekend losing to Cole Schmitt. Amazingly he had this awful weekend after wrestling out of his mind at Midlands where he pinned Melde and Prater and then nearly majored Kennedy in the finals en route to the title. He was kind of an under the radar guy last year so maybe being one of the hunted ones this year is messing with his consistency, who knows. Other than the matches already mentioned he's also got a win over Ciasulli, and then a loss to Hashimoto.

    Parks is a guy who came out early in the year and then very quietly kept winning and eventually worked his way up to a Top 3 overall ranking for a time. So far this year he has wins over Bailey, Thorn, Drouin, and Ciasulli. Then however he has losses to Cody Farinella, Drouin, Novachkov, and then Marion two nights ago. The loss to Marion really highlighted some of the issues that he seems to have in his game primarily lack of urgency at times on his feet, and the fact that he can be ridden like a mule. He could creep up a few spots on this list by the end of the year, or his occasional inconsistency could wind up bumping him all the way off.

    While he doesn't have the super big name wins that he had early in the year last year Thorn has come out this year and looked improved overall and better than just looking improved he's been much more consistent. he's got two wins by major over Nacita, a major over Jensen, and a major over Von Ohlen. He had a big pin over Marion at National Duals and he also had a solid win over Todd Schavrien that weekend. He's been beaten by Parks, Dake, and Humphrey. Matches are always exciting as he's always looking to create big scrambles. The Big 10 is a little down at this weight this year so there is no reason why he shouldn't be top 3 in the conference at minimum along with Humphrey and whoever Iowa's guy winds up being. So long as he can keep his emotions under control I like him to stand on the podium this year.

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    I guess everyone was good with the 141 picks.


    1. Brent Metcalf (Iowa)
    2. Lance Palmer (Ohio State)
    3. Kyle Ruschell (Wisconsin)
    4. Kyle Terry (Oklahoma)
    5. Jason Chamberlain (Boise State)
    6. Matt Kyler (Army)
    7. Kyle Borshoff (American)
    8. Frank Molinaro (Penn State)
    R12. Mario Mason (Minnesota), Matt Cathell (Kent State), Cesar Grajales (Penn), Justin Accordino (Hofstra)

    Mid Season
    1. Brent Metcalf (Iowa)
    2. Lance Palmer (Ohio State)
    3. Kyle Ruschell (Wisconsin)
    4. Kyle Terry (Oklahoma)
    5. Frank Molinaro (Penn State)
    6. Kyle Borshoff (American)
    7. Jason Chamberlain (Boise State)
    8. Matt Kyler (Army)
    R12. Kevin LeValley (Bucknell), Mitch Mueller (Iowa State), Tony D'Alie (Central Michigan), James Fleming (Clarion)

    Honestly I'm starting to run out of things to talk about in these Brent Metcalf is really good paragraphs (since I do my best to avoid the played out "his gas tank is really good!!!!" statements). This time last year he was struggling to turn even marginal guys, then he went on his pinning run over the second half of the year. This year I've been impressed with his continued improvement when it comes to transitioning from the takedown directly to back points. He's had some close matches this year against LeValley and Mueller but he's still winning all of them. He's also got a fall over Mueller where he demonstrated that transitioning ability where he just blasted Mueller over for the fall while Mueller sat on his hands and knees. He's got a major over the much improved David Cheza, a major over Chamberlain, and then just missed out on a major against Ruschell.

    While Palmer has lost to the guy ranked below him in the one match that they've wrestled this year and then not looked as good as the guy below him has in the matches that they've wrestled not involving each other I'm still picking him here. Lance is pretty much the same as he's always been. Solid but not spectacular from the feet meaning he gets his takedowns but doesn't get many of them against anyone and then brutal from the top with his legs. Thats his game, its your job to try and defeat it and over the past three years not many guys have been able to. This year he has two wins over Terry, a win over Mueller, and a win over Mason. He's taken losses to Borshoff (3-2 at the All Star match), and 3-1 to Ruschell.

    Might be selling Ruschell a little short here because as I mentioned he's won the only meeting that he and Palmer have had this year, and he also defeated in him the 3rd place match at NCAA's last year. His improvement on his feet with his own offense over the course of his career has really impressed me as he's gotten to the point where if he needs to he can get the takedown against just about everyone at this weight not named Brent Metcalf. That is a big difference from a few years ago when the only way he was really going to take a good guy down was going to be to have that guy shoot on him, and then cut the corner. The only loss he's taken this year is the already mentioned Midlands final to Metcalf. He's beaten Chamberlain three times, he's got the win over Palmer, and also has wins over Pena (fall), Yates, Mueller, and D'Alie (12-2).

    I was going to put Frank Molinaro here before I started looking results up and realized that Terry beat him just last weekend. Much like last year Terry has just been quietly chugging along over the course of the season so far. He's got the win over Molinaro, two wins over LeValley, and then wins over Kyler, Kessler, and Chamberlain. Only losses so far this year are two close ones to Palmer. Should get a decent challenge during the conference season from an improved Mueller but I expect him to take his conference and then come in NCAA's and finish as kind of the best of the rest.

    Speaking of Frank the Tank he slides in here in the 5th place slot for the time being. Moving up to 149 seems to have been a very smart decision as he's been remarkably more consistent this year. Hasn't seen the toughest of competition thus far this year but he's winning and that is the important part. He didn't see the greatest competition last year at 141 either and he was losing these matches. So far this year he's got a 13-4 major over Albright and then a 3-1 win over Chamberlain in the Reno finals that wasn't as close as the score would indicate. Only loss is the already mentioned one to Terry.

    Borshoff had a tough Midlands tournament where he took losses to D'Alie and Mueller and that wound up causing him to drop in the rankings a little bit but overall he's still having a very good year and could very well wind up placing higher than this at the end of the year. Started the year off in a big way with a win over Palmer in the All Star match. He's also got wins over Yates, D'Alie, Fleming, Cheza, and a fall over Matt Coughlin.

    I came into the season thinking that Chamberlain might have an outside shot at possibly being a finalist. While that doesn't appear like it is in the cards at the moment he's still had a very solid sophomore season so far. He's got two wins over Pena, a win over LeValley, and a win over Barrett Abel. He's got the already mentioned three losses to Ruschell, a loss apiece to Terry, Molinaro, and Metcalf. Then he also dropped a tough one at National Duals to Desi Green.

    Kyler rounds out the top eight here now for the time being. Like Molinaro he hasn't wrestled in many big matches so far this year but in the matches that he's been involved in he's looked solid. He's got a fall over Matt Cathell, and a 10-3 win over Kessler. Then he has a 6-2 loss to Terry, and an 8-6 loss to LeValley.

    Will try and do 157 tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
    Zadick? You've got the wrong "Ms. Thing"
    Oh, like you'd say no to Zadick.

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