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    I think there is a virus in the sport," said Ryan. "The virus is that the only thing that matters is the national tournament ... and that's not real life. One weekend a year isn't enough. We learn a lot about our team. These guys are beat up, banged up. But you know what ... Parents, business owners go to work beat up, banged up. That's real life stuff. We take this event very seriously. Whether the NCAA sanctions it or not, we don't care. This is a team event and we come here to win it."

    According to Tom Ryan ''there is a virus in our sport and that is thinking the only thing that matters is the NCAA's "-

    I couldn't agree more -any thoughts ?
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    definitely agree.
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    I agree. It's one weekend that, while most important, does not define a season.

    Where did you see this quote?

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    Couldn't agree more. I have been to National Duals before and the excitement generated there is certainly on par with the excitement at NCAA's. I like this Tom Ryan the more I hear from him.
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    I know that MANY people disagree with me but I personally believe that dual meets are the single best thing that the sport of wrestling has going for it. While I LOVE to go to tournaments and watch great wrestlers advance toward a tournament (NCAA, State, Conference. . .) title the uninformed or "novice" fan has a hard time following it. I would never take my neighbor to a tournament like the one I was just at yesterday. There were 16 teams filling up an 8 man bracket, however I would gladly take them to one of our home dual meets, where there is a team score for everyone to see up on the scoreboard. It's also easier for a fan of a school but maybe not a wrestling fan to understand a dual in my opinion. There is no cross bracketing, you're never cheering for a third team to beat someone else, it's just your guys against your opponents, in every match. On top of that it only lasts for an hour or two instead of waiting all day to see your team secure a victory.

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    The single biggest change when Tom Ryan took over was the attitude toward dual meets. It became reflected in the attitude of the team during dual meets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LkwdSteve View Post
    The single biggest change when Tom Ryan took over was the attitude toward dual meets. It became reflected in the attitude of the team during dual meets.
    Totally agree Tom has created a team instead of individuals

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    I really like Ryan's attitude, and I LOVE duals. National Duals is one of the most exciting events where a guy who's maybe not at the top of the rankings can put in a stellar performance and lift the whole team. As Ryan would suggest, this is probably like a lot of us in our businesses and our lives.
    I like to say that wrestling IS a team sport, but it's played one person at a time. Unlike some other sports, there's no hiding out there. When your time comes, its just you, and you may have the responsibility to win it for your whole team. That's a wonderful opportunity.

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    I love Tom Ryan's attitude myself, and agree with his comments completely and wholeheartedly.

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