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Thread: Toughest Collegiate Wrestler

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    RIP, Paul Jenn.

    Hard to believe we just passed the sixth anniversary of his death, killed in a July 28, 2001 car/motor home accident on his way to a wedding in Mason City, where he had been hired to teach science.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pm01 View Post
    They met a few times thereafter and it was never close again.
    Only had to happen once.

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    No dispute there Vak, my comment was intended in the context that Sanderson avenged the redshirt loss not once but two or three times. I don't think it was ever closer than a major.

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    I Thought Of Maybe Jon Trenge, Even Though He Never Won It He Went Through Some Nasty Brawls. Scratching And Fighting The Whole Time. Lincoln Is Defenitely On The List, He Was Just Mean. Ican't Think Of The Weakest. I Really Can't Associate You Being Very Weak If Your In The Ncaa Tournament, And If You Were I Probably Didnt Watch You

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    Personally I don't and never will consider Cael Sanderson "tough". He'd whip me any day of the week, no doubt, as he would most anyone in a amateur wrestling match, but here me out a second. Technically sound guys, who dominate mainly based on finesse are just hard to define as "rough" and "tough". He is a master technician, who has amazed many people by whipping the likes of tougher looking opponents like Brandon Eggum. If you were to ask the regular everday joe who they thought would win between Eggum and Sanderson, most of them would say Eggum. Eggum is cut up, has a very hard stoned chizzled face, and just plain looks like he'd kill you. Sanderson has more of a friendlier looking face, with an above average physique but no where near that of Eggum's, and well he doesn't even have the personality of a "tough" guy.

    Much can be said about the comparisson to Tom Brands and Kendall Cross. Freestyle-ish anyway.

    As far as tough goes with thinking of all the components to make a wrestler "tough", my pick would be LeRoy Vega. I chose him for many reasons. First and foremost because he always appeared to be a little smaller than all of the other 125 pounders. Usually a small guy that can kick ass is labled, "tough". Secondly, he was a go getter. Sadly, the only time I can remember him not being that way were is 3rd to the and the last match he ever wrestled. Other than that, every recolection I have of him, he was constantly on the offense. Not only trying to score all the time, but trying to completely dominate his opponents. He wasn't nice about it either. If he had to headbutt you he would, but that's not to say he wasn't a good sportsman, because he was. He'd kick your ass or go out 100% trying, and then he'd always be a class act, win or lose after the match.

    Although Mike Zadick wasn't always the best sport, and lacked a little in the class department at times, his brutual domination, and pure toughness, make him another pick.

    Overall, I used to think the guys that scored the most points in matches, and usually won by major decision were the "toughest" but as I watch more and more matches, I realize that they're just incredibly technically sound. I love watching them none the less. Guys like Witt Durden of Oklahoma, or Andy Hrovat of Michigan who usually, when they weren't hampered by Injuries or just plain bad luck, seemed to beat everybody 13-3 or 14-4.

    Also a lot of times fans consider, "tough" to be a guy that's able to pin a lot of people. Is that tough? Being so much stronger you can muscle people to their backs? Is that toughness? To me it's hard to imagine a "tough" guy, not being muscular. It's even harder to imagine a really "strong" guy not being muscular but it happened. I mean look at Jacob Volkman, former Minnesota Golden Gopher. I don't know how he did it. His arms barely had any definition in them whatsoever. Looking at the guy, you wouldn't have thought he spent any time in the weight room, but watching him wrestle you knew damn good and well that he did. He'd put people to their backs using half nelsons, double armbars and hammerlocks. Who does that in collegiate wrestling? Most everyone that gets backpoints does it by being a legger, crab rider or tilt machine. Ole Jacob Volkman would use his monkey arms that hanged below his knees, while standing erect, and plain put the hurt on his opponents with the ole chicken wing.

    Man, I'm really on a roll here. I better stop.
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    Kolat should at least be on the short list. That little dude was brutal at times.

    From 2007 onward, I'm thinking that Metcalf may brutalize some people. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see him and Schlatter go.

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