Alright, I was reading the thread in the International Forum about the mentally toughest wrestlers in the sport. I wanted know who you all thought was the physically toughest wrestler you had ever seen in the sport.

As a kicker, tell me who you think the weakest wrestler you have ever seen in the sport.

My toughest collegiate wrestler has always been McIlravy. That dude always looked like he had been through a meat grinder and was always bandaged up every time you see a photo of the poor bastard.

My weakest wrestler is Fleeger. (See 2006 bout against Mack Reiter in NCAA). He could never make it through six minutes versus anyone without either taking a breather or winning by injury default.

Okay, so its always been obvious to you all that I am not a very big Fleeger fan but I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that my opinion had not changed with time.