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Thread: Why are Maryland's singlets orange?

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    Default Why are Maryland's singlets orange?

    I have so many questions from watching a day of Dual Wars, like holy crap if Iowa is this good at half-strength, can they take over the world at full? How does Jared Frayer get that tan in Madison, Wisc., in January? Does Mike Zadick own an iron? Is Boise St. the best OT team in the country?

    But the thing that confused me the most today was the color of Maryland's singlets. Those suckers were red-orange. They were nothing like the red I've seen of Maryland's basketball, lacrosse or football uniforms. Weirdness.

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    I liked their old ones before they got these UA ones. They were solid red, and had black/white stripes down the side. Also black ones with red down the side.

    I don't like these newer ones in the last 2 seasons. The red ones and the black ones seem kinda like that funky sublimated type material. When they put them on and they stretch a little, the color fades. So the red is faded, and the black ones get gray looking.
    The white ones are bad too, but I hate all white singlets. This year they have added bright yellow ones to the mix. Ugh.

    That said, from what I've heard the kids really like the white and yellow ones.

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