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Thread: Jake Deitchler Officially Ineligible

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    I understand that "rules are rules" or whatever, but it's disappointing when so many schools in the NCAA can get away with major violations, yet this kid who was competing for our country in the Olympics, and was such a great story, has something like this happen.
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    How does this situation differ from the one J cited as happening earlier and what was the NCaas explanation?
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    Rules are rules, but this rule sucks. This punishment sucks. Why not just make him pay the money back, make him sit out the first semester or until he repays the money, whichever is longest and reinstate him for the second semester, or something similar. Why punish a guy so severly for wrestling in the Olympics and taking a wad of money that all eighteen year olds would have jumped all over. He got paid to wrestle...Big deal. It's not like he got paid by the university or some U of M booster. It's not like J sold him a house for less than market value to leave NMich to come to MN. This is a bullshit punishment.

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    I'd even be OK with making him sit out a year and making him pay back the money, but losing a year of eligibility is INSANE. If I'm not mistaken he was not paid while wrestling for Minn, was he? I know it doesn't make a difference to the NCAA.

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    Total crap.
    Deitchler got screwed by the NCAA.

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    This is terrible! NCAA hypocrisy strikes again. I think the timing of this is funny with regard to the National Championship game being played last night in football. I am not going to implicate any one person on that field last night, but college football players have been given so much more as student athletes CURRENTLY on a college roster. An 18 year old kid competes and wins what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and the NCAA makes him ineligible for taking money while NOT on a college roster.

    Logic seems to be lost on the NCAA and they once again prove themselves not to be in the business of enriching student athlete experiences but rather continuing their role as a money making bully. As long as basketball players and football players keep bring in money for them they will turn a blind eye to them but if you are a wrestler and you make the Olympics they will do what they can to enforce illogical rules just to show the public they can and will and therefore, making themselves look like they are doing their job.

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    The NCAA are just FANATICS & hypocrits. So many people were complimentary to Brand when he passed this past year but under their breathes the thought he & the NCAA are witch-hunters to anything that cuts their income. BS.

    I wish Jake could tell them to go f*** themselves.

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    It is stronger than I expected, but J Rob needs to watch himself. Being openly critical of the NCAA while they're investigating you is not a good idea.

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    J Rob has never worried about what the administration or the NCAA thinks. That is why we like him. I can't think of a more assinine ruling than what we have heard here today in regards to Mr. Deitchler. Such bullshit. That group needs to get over themselves. If I am an athlete, I think I start a union to stop all athletic competition until this bullshit is fixed. If the NCAA wants to not pay their athletes and impose such strong restrictions on them while they line their pockets, I think its high time the athletes do something about it. If the athletes don't play, the NCAA goes away.
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