That was the score going into hwt .-Oregon State has improved tremendously from the year's beginning -they were shutting Wyoming out until 157-
Lara FFT
Kubec 7-3
Mangrum 7-5
Pena -WBD
Davis -WBM-12-4
Covington escaped Smith 6-5 -the match ended with Covington trying to retain control from lying on his back-not sure why the ref did NOT call locking hands -obvious-or stalemate them-I thought Smith deserved a reversal and NF but got nothing .
184 -LeBlanc WBM
197 Hanke by a point
Hernandez moved up from197 to hwt , -no score through first .
Anyone know what's up with Martinez ?? Second match in a row he DNC .
Jack beat a 197 lber 4-2 28-8