I didn't see this being discussed here so I thought Id bring it up..


Here is what the young lady writing the article thinks is part of an investigation:

A Daily investigation found:
-Robinson has sold houses to former wrestlers months after they graduated. In one case, Robinson sold a house to former wrestler Luke Becker for the same price for which Robinson bought it, according to property records. The sale took place four months after Becker graduated, property records show.

After they graduated, had a job, and were able to purchase a home their head coach sold them property.... once at the same price as he purchased it..

Uh... Imagine if he sold one now.. he'd be selling it for LESS than it was worth!

-Robinson discussed real estate with current wrestler Sonny Yohn during the recruiting process, according to Yohn. It is unclear why real estate was brought up during recruitment.

So he told a kid he was recruiting that real estate is something he teaches to the kids he coaches, offered advice on where/when to purchase in an area he has been successful, or provided a rental space that covered his investment.

-Marty Morgan, a former assistant coach and recruiting coordinator, acted as Yohn?s real estate agent when Yohn purchased a house earlier this year. Morgan, who left the team in 2008, recruited Yohn out of high school.

You mean to tell me a former coach used his connections to promote his new job? NO!!


Seems like a non-story... He definitely does have a lot of connections to wrestling within his real estate dealings and if the NCAA/U of M dug hard enough they probably could find an infraction, but I highly doubt he has knowingly broken any NCAA rules.

The fact he openly does business with some many wrestlers he'd have to know it'd eventually draw criticism and from the little I know about him, he really seems to be a man of character.