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Thread: Bubba Jenkins asked by Sanderson to leave PSU

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    Default Re: Bubba Jenkins asked by Sanderson to leave PSU

    Bubba is Bubba. He is a super talented and nice guy. But he has made some questionable decisions and historically has not had a good work ethic. With little or no training, Bubba can do things that most people would never be able to do. Garrett Scott was the same way. He could be in Atlantic city gambling until 4 am, get a ride back, and beat everyone in the room during a noon practice. It is easy to see why guys like that sometimes don't work all that hard (can anyone hear Allen Iverson right now?). The problem is the effect those guys have on the team, especially when they are nice guys and charismatic leaders (true of both). Suddenly, they are leading the team down a path where most people on the team won't succeed.

    Troy Sunderland declined Bubba's RS request as well and would have let him go after he tried to force RS. Both he and Cael knew what effect he was having on the team. Maybe being on a team with Robles showed Bubba what he could do with work on top of his talent. Maybe it was just his time to shine...

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    Default Re: Bubba Jenkins asked by Sanderson to leave PSU

    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    Watch his interview after the finals he almost couldn't even talk. I think you're under-estimating how much he cares about the individuals on his team.. Sure, the NCAA team title makes him look good but he's heavily invested in the personal success of his top guys.
    Wow. This is like trying to explain stuff to little children. I was writing in response to comments that "Bubba got the last laugh on Cael" and "be careful who you kick off your team". I don't think Cael would be affected by such concerns in the least - which is what I was talking about when I said he wouldn't be bothered by the finals results. Do you think Cael had any second thoughts about his decision? I don't.

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