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    Big dual for these two teams coming up this weekend with both teams coming off a runner up performance that their respective big tournament. Some great individual match ups here in this dual.

    125: #13 Andrew Long v. #3 Zach Sanders 3-0 Minnesota (This in my opinion will probably wind up being the most exciting match of the dual. Both of these guys love to put points on the board. Both guys were impressive in action this weekend. Long put his first really marquee wins on the board, and Sanders had a high quality win over Morrill in the Scuffle wrestle backs)

    133: #5 Nick Fanthorpe v. #2 Jayson Ness 6-0 Minnesota (Ness should handle business here. Dominated his way through the Scuffle until he ran into Mitcheff who gave him a nice go. Fanthorpe took a couple tough losses to Graff and to Fisk at Midlands)

    141: UR Dalton Jensen v. #6 Mike Thorn 10-0 Minnesota (I'm assuming that Gallick isn't going to wrestle here so I'm just guessing on who this is going to be for the Cyclones. Jensen however didn't wrestle at Midlands either so we'll see. Giving Thorn the major for now, but this is a match where he could get 6 and his team could certainly use it)

    149: #13 Mitch Mueller v. #9 Mario Mason 10-3 Minnesota (Mueller had a good tournament and Midlands, Mason looks like he still has some things that he needs to work on putting together. He seems to still be getting his feet under him after missing the early part of the year with an injury)

    157: UR Andrew Sorenson v. UR Joe Grygelko or #13 Jake Deitchler 10-6 Minnesota (I'm going to run under the assumption that its going to be Grygelko here for the Gophers, just put Deitchler's name down just in case. Grygelko had a couple nice wins this weekend at the Scuffle but I think Sorenson probably gets him here)

    165: #3 Jon Reader v. #4 Dustin Schlatter 13-6 Minnesota (Both of these guys did nice jobs running scores up against their first three opponents this weekend before settling for chess matches in their matches in the semi's and finals. We should see another chess match here. Dustin got him in freestyle without much trouble this spring, I think he wins a close one here)

    174: #11 Duke Burk v. UR Scott Glasser 13-9 Minnesota (Another match up between two guys who had very solid tournaments this weekend. If Glasser is finally healthy this is a match that he could very easily win and that would be massive in terms of the dual for the Gophers)

    184: #12 Jerome Ward v. UR Kaleb Young 13-12 Minnesota (In my opinion it may be a better idea to put Yohn down here if he is able to get back to weight quick enough as Ward is a guy that I think he might be able to match up with pretty well. If this is Young then Ward probably wins a decision without much trouble)

    197: #1 Jake Varner v. #18 (at 184) Sonny Yohn 16-13 Iowa State (Much as I like Sonny, Varner is Varner and Varner just dominated his way through the Midlands. This is a match that Varner could conceivably get 6 in if he's able to get on top and use his all that pressure he puts on people with his half)

    285: #5 David Zabriskie v. #10 Ben Berhow 19-13 Iowa State (Z took the upset loss to Trice in the finals at Midlands but other than that looked pretty solid overall. Berhow took a tough loss to Palma in the first round of the Scuffle and then I don't even know what happened after that, didn't look. Z wins a decision to close things out)
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