Back around the N/E/Duals and Hoosier Duals we had a mini Upset special-I was 1-1 as I caled Fittery over Brown (8-4 W) and lost when i rode with underdog Powless over Sorenson 9-7( L)
Lost went with Brown- boo-Rasing over Russo-boo-Bailey over Parks -boo-and Hamlin over Letts -boo-
Our fearless leader rode with Patrovich over Heinrich-boo-and Ihnen over Patterson/Craig -double boo-he did call Sentes over Bell -yay-
HARD to BELIEVE only 3 WRESTLERS or FORMER wrestlers put their name on the line -with the Midlands and Scuffle upcoming surely someone has a wild card their hoping for.

AT 141 in the Scuffle I have Lopuchansky in the top 4 .How's that for a long shot ??
Entry fee is free.