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Thread: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

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    Default Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Goes off in about an hour. Intermat had a really good preview done by Andrew Hipps that I've linked to above.

    Only match up between ranked guys is at heavy, but there is sufficient star power on both teams to where this should be a fun dual to watch.

    I'll be posting results.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    It would have been great to see Burroughs v Deitchler but glad to hear that Jordan is back.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Announced match ups...starting at 184

    125: Zach Sanders v. David Klingsheim
    133: Jayson Ness v. CJ Napier
    141: Mike Thorn v. Mike Koehnlein
    149: Mario Mason v. Chris Hacker
    157: Joe Grygelko v. Jordan Burroughs
    165: Dustin Schlatter v. James Nakishima or Tyler Koehn
    174: Scott Glasser v. Stephen Dwyer
    184: Sonny Yohn v. Josh Ihnen
    197: Joe Nord v. Craig Brester
    285: Ben Berhow v. Tucker Lane

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Ihnen /Yohn may be the deciding match .

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Sonny Yohn v. Josh Ihnen

    1st Period: Yohn with a quick half shot early on, and then scores a nice early TD with a throw by...2-0 Yohn. Right to putting the boots in and he has Ihnen flat. Yohn trying to work with a power half, reaches for a reverse corss face...and Yohn close to getting back points with a tilt, but Ihnen sat up high enough to where he didn't give any exposure. Ihnen stands, and Yohn trips him back down. now Yohn back with a power half and he gets a two count...4-0 Yohn. Yohn rides it out and leads 4-0 with a ton of riding time.

    2nd Period: Yohn starts down. Stands quick and Ihnen returns him, stands again and isn't giving up the lift, and Ihnen finally cuts to make sure he doesn't get popped for stalling...5-0 Yohn. Took a bad shot after he cut in after Ihnen let him go and Ihnen nearly scored with a throw by of his own as Yohn came back up. Another low ankle attempt by Yohn but Ihnen catches him out in front...:35 to go. Yohn nearly scores off a little scramble situation on the edge, but can't control the hips as they go out. Period ends 5-0 Yohn.

    3rd Period: Ihnen takes both up...Yohn with a low attempt, Ihnen circles behind and trips for the TD and cuts immediately...6-2 Yohn. Ihnen in on a head inside single and has the leg up, trying to trip does but Yohn pops back up without giving the TD...Ihnen collects the other ankle for 2 and cuts again immediately...7-4 Yohn. 30 seconds to go. Shot by Ihnen, Yohn catches him out in front. Yohn adds riding time as the match ends.

    Sonny Yohn dec Josh Ihnen 8-4

    3-0 Minnesota.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Joe Nord v. Craig Brester

    1st Period: Brester bangs the head and goes half shot a couple of times off the whistle...comes back in a little more serious this time but Nord does a nice job redirecting him away. Snap by Brester, follows Nord down to the mat and transitions right to a cradle...he's awarded the TD, and he gets the turn...and the stick.

    2nd Period:

    3rd Period:

    Craig Brester fall Joe Nord 1:10

    Nebraska 6-3

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Ben Berhow v. Tucker Lane

    1st Period: Half shot by Lane pretty quickly, Berhow catches him out in front with a front headlock...Lane in on a nice head inside single, comes up with the leg, trying to tree top it...and trips down for the TD...2-0 Lane. Berhow stands, peels the hands and is out and in immediately on a shot on the edge but they go out...2-1 Lane. Berhow ducks into a bear hug for a second but Lane works away. Sweep single attempt by Berhow, he has the angle he's coming up around the waist into a seat belt position, Lane trying to whizzer and he gets his hips away without giving it up. Berhow in on another low single, Lane catches him in a front head and then reshoots and scores a TD...4-1 Lane. Berhow power switches and escapes away at the buzzer. Period ends 4-2.

    2nd Period: Lane starts down...Lane sits and turns in, now tripods up, stands and trying to peel the hands but they're out with Berhow still in control. Lane switches around and now tripods up to his feet, Berhow brings him down and works his way behind. Lane switches his hips out for the escape. 5-2 Lane. Berhow in on a double from very far away, Lane catches him with a front headlock. Berhow finally in on a good shot, a double leg he cuts the corner and picks up the nice TD...5-4 Lane. Lane stands and works his hips away. 6-4 Lane. And the period ends that score.

    3rd Period: Berhow starts down. Berhow up and out inside of 5 seconds...6-5 Lane. Riding time is not a factor. Berhow pushes Lane out of bounds. Shot by Lane, Berhow catches out in front. Berhow in on a reshot and tries to peak out but Lane blocks him off. Berhow in on another sweep single, cuts the corner and comes up in a seat belt postion, but this time pops his head out fo rhte TD...7-6 Berhow. Lane grambies away on the edge for the escape to tie the match 7-7...54 seconds to go. Bad shot by Lane he tries to come up and drag behind but Berhow blocks him off...30 seconds to go. Another bad shot by Lane and then tries to drag behind again and was closer that time. Period ends tied 7-7.

    OT: Couple early shots by Lane and he tires to drag behind off of both. Berhow barrels back in on a low single, gets the angle and picks up the TD.

    Ben Berhow dec Tucker Lane 9-7 OT

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Zach Sanders v. David Klingsheim

    1st Period: Sanders comes out immediately very hard on the head, snaps down into a front headlock and trying to work around...Sanders still looking to bury the head and come around, but Klingsheim doing a nice job fighting off and its stalemated. Shot by Klingsheim and Sanders catches in a front head again, Sanders tries an inside trip from the front head...back to the mat again and Klingsheim controls the elbow for a stalemate. Stalemated for a third time in that front head position as Klingsheim controls the elbows. Sanders with a throw by and has the angle but Klingsheim scrambles away. Sanders with another snap, and very close with the angle this time but Klingsheim still doing a nice job controlling the elbows and spinning square. Sanders finally runs around behind for the TD after working for around 20 seconds going back and forth...period ends 2-0.

    2nd Period: Klingsheim starts down...and he's away without much resistance from Sanders. Sweet ankle pick TD by Sanders, and cuts away then another TD and cut for Sanders...6-3 Sanders. Sanders in on another low ankle shot, he's behind but just needs to free his arm and/or scoop the ankle, he scoops the ankle and is awarded the TD...8-3 Sanders, cuts and then immediately spins behind...10-4 Sanders. He cuts and then punches him over while Klingsheim stayed on his knees ala Metcalf v. Mueller...Klingsheim saved by the bell...13-4 at the end of the period.

    3rd Period: Sanders takes both up, and is in quickly with a TD off a sweep single...15-4 and cuts for the escape...15-5 Sanders. Bad shot by Klingsheim that Sanders converts to a TD and cut...17-6 Sanders and cuts again. I'm losing track of the score as the TD's are coming fast...Sanders needs one more TD for the tech fall I think, and he picks it up with a snap and go behind.

    Zach Sanders tech David Klingsheim 23-8

    11-6 Minnesota

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Jayson Ness v. Ridge Kiley

    1st Period: Ness comes out very quickly from the feet, snaps Kiley down snags the leg and uses it to drag himself behind...rolls Kiley through with a deep half from the top, but Kiley doesn't give back points. Ness nearly runs him over the top with a half from the other side...Ness working hard with a half on the edge but they go out...Ness cuts off a restart...2-1 Ness. Ness ducks in on a high crotch, Kiley blocks it off but Ness comes up on a reshot and slips behind and takes Kiley to the mat...4-1 Ness, and goes straight over the top with the half for a second but Kiley worked his hips down...Ness does get a 2 count though...6-1 Ness. Ness rolls through again like he did earlier and comes up with a deep half and he gets the stick.

    2nd Period:

    3rd Period:

    Jayson Ness fall Ridge Kiley 2:50

    17-6 Minnesota.

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