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Thread: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

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    Agree with Jensens. Schlatters top game has been the biggest thing missing from his arsenal. However its not just the tilt, its the ability to ride in general. He kept Meade down for all of 10 seconds against Okie State, and explosive/talented or not, Meade is still a frosh with sketchy gas against a 5th year senior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Schlatter's seeming loss of his ability to turn from the top position has been the most baffling part (and in my opinion by far the most ignored part) of watching him over the last several years for me.

    People talk about him only getting one TD per match, but back in the day when he was everyone's favorite guy in the world he still only got one or maybe two TD's per match.

    The difference has been back then after he got that TD he'd secure a wrist and then just cheap tilt guys to death.
    That's pretty astute. I could never put my finger on it, but I think you're right. But so is LoSt. Schlatter doesn't ride as tough as he used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    you tell me. I refuse to watch this
    Great post arm-spin.

    Schlatter is virtually unstoppable if he can avoid being taken down, and win the ball grab. He has shown a great prowess for getting takedowns when he is given the leg in perfect positioning.
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    Hi all,
    The fact is Dustin isn't the same folksyle wrestler because he can't ride like he did his freshman year and even senior year of high school. I remember that being the reason he was able to be so dominant his freshman year. In his matches against Ty Eustice of the hawkeyes the match would go something like this. Dustin takes him down a minute or two into the match and Eustice can't escape. He gains 1 bonus point in riding time and wears him out. What made him a national champion was that he was great at the first takedown and hardly anybody could escape. I don't think Eustice had one escape on him in two matches that year. And he was a national champion caliber wrestler which we know because he dominated Zach Esposito (A national champ) that year.
    If you look back to his senior year of high school he wrestles Brent Metcalf. I believe either of those guys that year would have won national championships as a senior in high school. But Dustin wrestles Metalf twice. Losing once but in the second match he takes him down and rides him out for an extended period. I don't know anybody who could ride Metcalf for I think it was over a minute. (In the big ten final two years ago he couldn't hold him down for more than 5 seconds it seemed. He takes that same tenacity into his freshman year of college. After that who knows what could be the case? All I know a guy who could ride out Brent Metcalf for almost an entire period and now can't hold down guys that aren't even ranked? It's very puzzling.
    I had high hopes for Sonny Yohn. I thought he was going to vastly improve this year. Brent Eidenshenk should ge the nod everytime at 197. He won't win much but he never gets pinned and rarely gets majored even by the best.
    Does anybody else agree Dustin looks a little small at 165? Well at least the cut is easy for him.

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    Don't think Dustin looks at all small at 165. But I agree with most of the rest of your post
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    Huskers were a bit flat all around... Klingsheim might be a freshman but he has the talent to give a guy like Sanders a match. He shouldnt be getting techfalled like that. Also for people who are bagging on DS, Nakashima is no Stephen Dwyer but he was a JC champ at 174 and is very tough.

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