125 McDonough vs Flores. 125 has been up and down for UNI this year. McDonough 10-4
4-0 IA

133 Dennis vs Jauch. Dennis gets the Fall 10-0 IA

141 Montell Marion vs Trent Washington. Montell makes his season debut. Wins 9-2. 13-0 IA

149 Metcalf vs Kittleson/Lawerence. Metcalf by fall

19-0 IA

157 Janssen vs Reiner. Reiner is a goer. I want to say Janssen by dec but...Reiner by dec

19-3 IA

165 M* vs Bonin. M* gets the MD 13-5.

23-3 IA

174 Borschel vs Beets. Borschel gets the fall. I like Beets but not against Borschel.

29-3 IA

184 Keddy vs O'Loughlin. Keddy by Dec 9-3.

32-3 IA

197 Beatty vs Bauman. OH no it's Chad Beatty with the Major 12-4

36-3 IA

HWT Rasing vs Brantley. I want to give this one to Rasing but I think Brantley may win this in OT.

36-6 IA

Not looking good for UNI.