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Discuss D1Rankings -new at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Yeah, but everyone in the Big 5 also earned their spot at NCAA 's by ...
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    Yeah, but everyone in the Big 5 also earned their spot at NCAA's by wrestling tough throughout the entire year, beating kids from other conferences, and getting that automatic bid to begin with. I'll admit that it seems a little screwy at first. But, if the Big 5 has all 5 wrestlers ranked in the top 20 then all 5 wrestlers should get one of the 32 births to NCAA's.

    I'll take the hwt example. I just don't think Fernandez should stay home just because he's # 5 in the Big 12. I don't think a kid is going to step on the mat and then forfeit twice. Not saying it will never happen, but until it does it's a moot point. So we can all quit using that excuse to bash the system until we know for a fact that a kid forfeits on purpose, but still goes to NCAA's.

    Also, a Big 12 title is still an impressive feat. And seeding at NCAA's is crucial as we all know. Wrestlers will never step on the mat to forfeit matches (hopefully). They might get hurt and have to forfeit a match. But no matter what anyone says I will never believe a wrestler goes into a tourney with the intention of forfeiting until I see it or hear it. If that ever happens then I will start bashing the new qualifying system.

    The only thing I see they can do is limit the # qualifying spots to one less than total number of teams in the conference. Then, if the kid finishes last he has to rely on a wild card berth. If he still deserves to go, then he will get picked. If not, oh well.

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    Does the Burroughs med ff count on his record as a loss?

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