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Thread: Nittany Lion Open Results

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    I'll give you that Schavrien isn't the most impressive wrestler every time he steps on the mat. Gets pinned a lot, etc. But he did win a match at the NCAA's last year.

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    He beat him for 7th place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerfan View Post
    I seriously doubt Taylor majors Wright. If he does, he'll make a believer out of me.
    It's my prediction, but I'll admit that it's based mostly on the fact that I haven't heard of Wright. Maybe I'm just ignorant...

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    Well, he beat JBB last year, lost 2-0 to Pami this year, and dominated Salazar. He's also lost to Erisman.

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    Taylor pinned Wright in the first period.

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    Is it possible that the MO Hwts are listening to the hype too much? Both lose in the semis again. Neither one wanting to grab the starting job outright.
    Wright seems decent. He beat Salazar in the Purdue dual, but loses to people I've never heard of so who knows.

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    Ellis and Bradley are going for 3rd place....both lost their semis~!
    The Art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

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    Scott Winston beats Vallimont 9-3

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    my boys chokin on me... gdamn.
    Gold is an idiot.

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