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Thread: Nittany Lion Open Results

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    If he gets by Schavrien (which I think he can), Andrew should make the finals--there isn't too much going on in his weight class. I don't think he'll beat Nauman, though. Dylan just lost to Mike Rowe.

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    Was just going to come and post more or less the same thing. He has Schavrien next match, and then in the semi's would probably have Anwar Goeres.

    Wins there would set up a likely showdown with Nauman in the finals.

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    Did they take a break or what?

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    Alton goes down to Schavrien 6-2, Tyler Nauman loses to Colby Pisani 9-3.

    David Taylor is killing people at 157, he's got an interesting match up with Patrick Wright that if he wins means he will likely see Cyler in the finals.

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    How did Nick Nelson do?

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    Vinson loses

    Galante beats Kerremer

    Honeycut beats Ruth 6-4 in OT

    Ellis vs Tomei and Bradley vs Rey some pretty tough semis matchups
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Nelson lost.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Zack Kemmerer beat him in the quarters.

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    btw, WOWWWWW@Pisani over Nauman
    Gold is an idiot.

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