Did anyone catch this dual on TV. I am in Atlanta and my TiVo some how grabbed it and was pretty excited to watch the first televised college wrestling of the season and to my complete horror the announcing was beyond horrendous. The two announcers knew absolutely nothing about the science of wrestling.

Couple things that caused me to turn the dual off at about the halfway point.
Introduced the 125 pounders as "fighters"
Called going out of bounds "Force outs"
Called a wizzer a "leg block" at one point
In the 133lb match top guy had a turk and was footballing the head and the announcer said "you kids at home might know this as the crossface crippler on WWE"

It got so bad I stopped counting the horrible inconsistencies. If anyone that has a say so in the Ohio area about who commentates these broadcasts please for all that is sacred and holy replace these two clowns.

And we wonder why we are a misunderstood sport.