Given the demographics on this board, this may actually wind up being the "marquee" event for many even with Vegas and Iowa/Iowa State on the docket as well.

125: #4 Zach Sanders v. #7 Chris Notte 3-0 Minnesota (The only person Notte gave bonus to last year was Ness, and Ness did do it without back points so it isn't out of the question that it could happen here. I don't think it does though)

133: #2 Jayson Ness v. #6 Jordan Oliver 6-0 Minnesota (Experience prevails, something like 7-3 Ness. I'd be lying if I said that Oliver didn't scare me just a little bit though)

141: #4 Mike Thorn v. #5 Jamal Parks 6-3 Minnesota (Parks got him last year, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here again. Be huge for Minnesota if Thorn could turn this around)

149: #9 Mario Mason v. #12 Albert White 9-3 Minnesota (Like with the match above, Mason got him last year. Don't see if changing)

157: #13 Jake Deitchler v. #9 Neil Erisman 9-6 Minnesota (If Deitchler is healthy, tough first collegiate match for him. Got to give the nod to Erisman for now and say he grinds out a win in a tough match)

165: #1 Dustin Schlatter v. #12 Alex Meade 12-6 Minnesota (Should be a methodical win for Dustin. If he's able to keep him down on the mat after TD's I could see a major. He would only need one TD per period)

174: UR Scott Glasser v. UR Chris McNeil 15-6 Minnesota (Big match for both sides. Glasser should come through here though)

184: #16 Sonny Yohn v. #10 Clayton Foster 18-6 Minnesota (Upset special here, Yohn has looked absolutely beastly so far this year and I think he comes in and knocks off Foster who has had some close matches with guys that he probably shouldn't be having close matches with so far)

197: UR Joe Nord v. #4 Alan Gelogaev 18-10 Minnesota (And it could be worse than a major here given that Nord was pinned twice in less than :45 this past weekend at the Kauffman Brand)

285: #8 Ben Berhow v. #2 Jared Rosholt 18-13 Minnesota (Low scoring 3-2 match that Rosholt wins by finding a TD somewhere. Much like all the other matches that these two have had with each other since they've been in college)

Even though I've got a solid win by Minnesota predicted here OK State definitely makes me nervous.

I could see 133-157 all going the other way from what I've predicted here, Yohn over Foster obviously may not happen and 197 could be worse than what I predicted.