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    Doesn't go off until next Sunday, but like last year the fact that its between the #1 and #2 teams in the country adds even more to the rivalry between the two schools.

    In Ames this year. Rankings are this past week's Intermat.

    125: #17 Matt McDonough v. #12 Andrew Long 3-0 Iowa State (Both guys are wrestling great so far this year. I personally like Long to take it here though)

    133: #4 Daniel Dennis v. #5 Nick Fanthorpe 3-3 (If this is Fanthorpe right here a Daniel Dennis who has been absolutely on fire so far this year is going to give him a rough first match back)

    141: #8 Dan LeClere v. #2 Nick Gallick 6-3 Iowa State (LeClere got him in the matches that they wrestled two years ago, but I personally like Gallick to take it here)

    149: #1 Brent Metcalf v. #15 Mitch Mueller 8-6 Iowa (Metcalf tech'd him with back points in the dual last year, I'm predicting the same thing to happen again. Fall wouldn't be out of the question)

    157: UR Matt Ballweg v. UR Nate Carr 11-6 Iowa (Uninspiring weight for both teams. Nearly gave it to Iowa State just to make things interesting. Most interesting may be just seeing who Iowa sends out here whether its Ballweg, Jannsen, or Kerr)

    165: #4 Ryan Morningstar v. #5 Jon Reader 14-6 Iowa (No your eyes aren't deceiving you. I did just predict Ryan Morningstar to defeat a top 5 opponent. I'll be rooting for Reader, but I can't pick against the 3 or 4 times in a row that Morningstar has won)

    174: #3 Jay Borschel v. #13 Duke Burk 18-6 Iowa (Borschel got bonus points against Burk in a match two years ago and given the way that he's looked so far this year I think he does it again)

    184: #2 Phil Keddy v. #18 Jerome Ward 21-6 Iowa (Probably to the matches that these two had last year. Ward is strong and tough to score on so despite his struggles early this year the match will probably be close on the scoreboard but not appear close when watching)

    197: #10 Chad Beatty v. #1 Jake Varner 21-10 Iowa (An actually kind of long awaited match between these two. I think Varner gets a very methodical 4)

    285: Jordan Johnson v. David Zabriskie 21-13 Iowa (Z wins, don't think he gets the major though. Johnson has a good gas tank and Z really isn't a big move type of wrestler)

    Should be a fun match overall. Could see 125, 141, 157, and 165 all possibly going the other way.
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