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Thread: Metcalf vs. LeValley video

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    Default Metcalf vs. LeValley video

    <embed src="" width="480" height="366" bgcolor="#" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="&image= 52781_l.jpg&logo= 52781.flv&frontcolor=000000&lightcolor=cc9900&cont rolbar=over&stretching=fill" /><p><a href="">Wrestling Videos on Flowrestling</a></p>

    Some observations:

    1. LeValley doesn't appear to have any ligaments in his right knee.
    2. There was some interesting refereeing, notably the stalemate call in the middle of the mat with LeValley on his butt...after six seconds of action.
    3. LeValley's first offensive attack came at 5:18 of the video.
    4. LeValley very nearly countered one of those Metcalf attempts in the third period. I thought he had it for a second there.
    5. The Metcalf double leg that went OB, you couldn't see the finish right away, but when they wrestlers came back into view....well, they were still on the mat. So can anyone who was there fill me in on what happened there?
    6. Metcalf looked great at getting penetration for his shots, he was almost always in deep whenever he shot, but he's got to be quicker on his finishes, especially against those taller, lanky wrestlers. This was part of what cost him against Caldwell in the finals last year.

    Now, none of this was the difference between a bonus point victory and the close match we saw, don't get me wrong. LeValley was very good defensively, and essentially just tried to steal the match at the end. Nice job by him.
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