7 Minutes with Zach Sanders
Nov 24th, 2009 | By viratas | Category: Open Mat Originals
Coming off an exciting win in the All-Star Classic Minnesota?s Zach Sanders goes 7 minutes with TOM. Known for his motor, Sanders made a name for himself in is redshirt freshman year by placing 6th at last years National Tournament. He complied 39 wins last season with 11 of those coming as Falls and Technical Falls. Sanders has set his goals high and looks to improve upon an impressive freshman campaign.

TOM: If you could wrestle anyone from the past who would it be and why?

ZS: Yojiro Uetake, so I could see if he was as good as J Robinson says he was. But it would be cool to wrestle Stephen Abas because I always looked up to him when I was a kid.

TOM: What brought you to Minnesota?

ZS: I have always wanted to be a Division I national champ, so I had to go somewhere that would give me a good chance of making it happen. I kind of grew up around the Minnesota program looking up to past Gopher wrestlers. When I started getting older it just seemed like a perfect fit. They had an awesome coaching staff, I would have good workout partners, I was close to home, and some of my best friends that I grew up with at wrestling tournaments were on the team.

TOM: What would say is the biggest difference moving from High School to College wrestling?

ZS: I would have to say the physical aspect of wrestling. When I was younger and in high school I did not realize that you could win by getting somebody tired. Every time I lost I just looked at the technical things I did wrong. When I got to college I learned to be a lot more physical wrestling guys like Jayson Ness and Mack Reiter.

TOM: What are your long term goals in wrestling?

ZS: I want to win the NCAA Tournament multiple times. After I graduate from college I want to continue to wrestle and win World/Olympic medals. I want to make a living out of the sport by coaching too. I could not think of job that I would enjoy more.

TOM: MMA good or bad for wrestling and why?

ZS: I think it is good in that it gives wrestlers a way to use their skills after they are done with college. There is no professional wrestling league at this point but this is pretty close. I like watching fights on TV and being able to cheer for the wrestlers.

TOM: What advice would you give to an up and coming wrestler?

ZS: Just spend as much time as you can around the sport. Everything you do adds up. You never know when you?re going to pick something up that will help you win matches and then something else that will help you win more matches. Pretty soon those matches start adding up.

TOM: What person has had the biggest impact on your wrestling career and why?

ZS: My dad has definitely had a big impact in helping my wrestling career. He introduced me into the sport and spent a lot of time helping me get better each year. He was my coach until I got to college. Every Spring, from when I was a little kid in elementary school until I graduated high school he would drive me two times a week, two hours each way to the cities for different practices. Growing up watching my brother helped me a lot also. I got to see everything he went through before I went through it, so I learned from his mistakes.