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    Mizzou's 125 true Frosh Brad Wisdom walked thru the Fr/So division.
    Nathan McCormick was going for 3rd at 133
    Todd Schavrien was Champ. Kyle Bradley and Cody Farinella both placed.
    Patrick Wright took 2nd losing to Pami 2-0.
    Nick Marable was Champ - pinning true Frosh Zach Toal in the finals.
    Dorian Henderson took 2nd losing to Manuel 2-0. Porter placed.
    Brent Haynes was Champ - avenging his loss to Logan Brown.
    Dom Bradley was Champ.

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    Why didn't Wisdom wrestle in the open division tigerfan?

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    The turnout was disappointing .IMO.

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    We know that pulling Wisdom's rs wasn't Smith's first choice. I think he's carefully protecting him, allowing him to learn while winning. Very wise, imo.

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