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Thread: Penn suspends Dragon, Grajales and Peterkin

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    Default Re: Penn suspends Dragon, Grajales and Peterkin

    Nah no fall. One of my favorite matches though.
    I wish I could kick Matt Dragon in the balls. In his Dragonballz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJFlofan View Post
    Great match! Watch the video carefully at the end. When Metcalf dives to catch the leg I think he pinned himself but the ref is out of position. I've watched it a couple times -- what do ya think?
    College - maybe. High school - no.
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    a good friend of mine -Carl Gilbert -a teammate -was wailing on a kid in the sectional finals and threw in a guillotine and arched back and the ref called a fall-then when they shook hands the ref raised the other kids hand saying Carl had pinned himself -back in those days only the Sectional champs went on to regionals and there were no Tech falls-and Carl was ahead about 20 points . Carl dropped like he'd been shot .
    So one glory hound ref just about destroyed a kids life -Strange how life plays funny games -that Ref was scheduled to operate on my knee 10 years later and I cancelled the surgery .
    The Ref 's name was Shelbourne -became the Ortho surgeon for the Colts -a real big shot surgeon here in Indy but i'd die before I let him work on me -we tried for weeks to pin ourselves with that move and couldn't as the guys arm was always resting on our shoulders .
    You can look all this up i you want -but that one BS call cost Carl a ride to college .

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