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Thread: Everything Penn State Wrestling

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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    TOM Live Penn State vs. Minnesota | The Open Mat

    Opens @ 11:30 am EST Nov 20th, 2011

    Come join the fun. Hosted by our own Willie Saylor (the du/jittany/smalls)

    See u there...

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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    Weekend results of an open tourney for some PSU kids


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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    Holy Domination Batman...I mean Matt Brown
    Pin 3:45
    Pin 1:38
    TF 4:59 (19-3)
    TF 5:59 (22-7)
    TF 5:59 (23-8) over teammate Andrew Church

    I was really impressed with that until I saw that Ortega won his bracket as well.

    I'm happy that Campbell went on a nice run in his bracket, and Gingrich looks like a a big fish/small pond kind of guy. He has won 2 tournaments against moderate competition, but couldnt get anything going against Ruggear. Come on Jon, time to get it going when it matters!
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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    Most of those kids are back ups or wrestling for a CC. I would expect that from Brown at that tourney.

    Sunday just sucked...ugh.

    Nico's game plan didn't work & has never had to defend as much as he did in HS. Welcome to the B1G. 1st loss in 3-4 years.

    I admire Reber's heart but he has just lost something since HS. Hopefully Frank can be back for the Scuffle & we can see where the team lines up vs Minny (again) & Cornell.

    Now I am worried that Sherlock is a head case like Kemerer.

    Up 5-0 after 2nd. 3rd period score ended up being 11-10 in favor of Tank. He should have had the Major.

    Dylan seemed to have lost it half way through the 3rd period.

    Had the fall. Gary missed the Alton fall over Marion last year too.


    Should we just not count on Q until February?

    He wrestled better that Yohn for 6:45. Not quite good enough.

    Head scratcher. He put on 15 lbs of muscle & got out muscled. Will Cam beat Tony down in the Scuffle? Will Cam & Q just go on alternating wins with nelson AND Stenhaus & Gambrall the rest of their careers?

    Final results:

    125: No. 2 Zach Sanders MINN dec. No. 18 Nico Megaludis PSU, 6-2 0-3
    133: No. 7 David Thorn MINN maj. dec. Derek Reber PSU, 14-5 0-7
    141: No. 10 Nick Dardanes MINN maj. dec. Sam Sherlock PSU, 19-6 0-11
    149: No. 1 Frank Molinaro PSU dec. No. 5 Dylan Ness MINN, 16-10 3-11
    157: No. 9 Jake Deitchler MINN dec. No. 11 Dylan Alton PSU, 9-4 3-14
    165: No. 1 David Taylor PSU tech. fall No. 8 Cody Yohn MINN, 16-1 (TF; 4:29) 8-14
    174: No. 2 Ed Ruth PSU pinned Eric Ortiz MINN, WBF (2:28) 14-14
    184: No. 6 Kevin Steinhaus MINN dec. No. 1 Quentin Wright PSU, 6-1 14-17
    197: No. 2 Sonny Yohn PSU dec. No. 10 Morgan McIntosh PSU, 4-3 14-20
    285: No. 3 Tony Nelson MINN dec. No. 4 Cameron Wade PSU, 5-0 14-23

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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    I don't think either guy at 197 wrestled particularly well but you can't blame McIntosh for that. He's a true Frosh and Sonny didn't make an offensive shot until 6:45. Mc looks really strong. His legs are like tree stumps.

    If Wade added 15 lbs of MUSCLE, I didn't see it. Nelson may give up 20 lbs on Wade but HE is the stronger of the 2.
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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    Fifteen pounds of muscle? Really?

    That score could have looked much worse if Minnesota didn't have to put Ortiz on the mat. The gophers had a tough weekend schedule with traveling to boot. Again, good job Gophers!

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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    Megaludis - A first-semester true frosh vs. fifth year senior. It looked like it. This is one that will different in March, I think.

    Reber - One of PSU's three problem weights where I expect to see someone else in March. Martelotti?

    Sherlock - Up until the third period the match was close - at least in terms of competition. Sherlock looked entirely gassed in the third. Still, #2 of PSU's problem weights. Pearsall seems the only other alternative.

    Molinaro - Terrible match management. Why he throws in legs (sloppily) when he need to cut and get another takedown for the major is a puzzler. The rest of the match was shambolic by both wrestlers. Messiest wrestling I can remember seeing at this level. It wasn't good - it was just a lot of points.

    Alton - He has shown nothing on top or bottom and very little on his feet in the two matches I've seen this year. He might be the best Kemmerer comparison of anyone. Problem weight #3, but there a lot of other choices at this weight.

    Taylor - Monster. From my matside seat, Yohn's sholders were in contact with the mat for about 4 seconds. They were moving from side-to-side, but the rule doesn't require the shoulders to be still to get a pin. It looked like Taylor was looking for a chance to reverse Yohn to his back when on bottom. Once he decided to abandon that approach, he was right out.

    Ruth - Not a match. I'd like to see Ed work on some other pinning combos, though.

    Wright - If his first two seasons showed us anything, he looks like a different wrestler in March than at other times of the year.

    MacIntosh - Still hasn't really tried anything on his feet but is better on the mat than advertised. That said, when you have a two point lead with 15 seconds left (and there have been no stalling warnings), if you can't ride the guy out - let him go and get on your bike.

    Wade - Doesn't look 100% recovered from the knee injury. Nelson looks good and in shape.

    Overall, good job by Minny bouncing back from Friday's defeat. They looked a lot stronger in the third period than PSU did. In fact, I would say that's where they won the dual. Cael better get his guys in better shape.

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    Default Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    I think its too early to declare that Sherlock and Alton (especially Alton) are going to be problem weights. I will say I was very disappointed in Sherlock's performance...he just got ran out of the gym. Hopefully he will learn from the performance and improve as the season progresses. Alton also has plenty of room for improvement, but he is only a RS freshman, lets not give up on him just yet. As for the third problem weight...can't wait to see Martellotti.

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