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Thread: Binghamton Open & MSU Open Brackets/Results/Discussion

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    Default Re: Binghamton Open & MSU Open Brackets/Results/Discussion

    Hall should have stayed at 97.

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    Finals results are updated for Binghamton.

    Garrett Frey won 125
    Grey took 133
    Dake beat Goeres 3-0 in the 141 final after going all bonus through the semi's
    Vinson won 149
    O'Connor beat Cocozzo at 157
    Gabe Burak pinned Winston in the 165 final
    Lewnes won at 174
    Bosak pinned Holley at 184
    Simaz beat Micah Burak 1-0 at 197
    Ed Bordas won at heavy

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    Anyone got all the MSU Open results? They had everything but the Finals yeaterday in the PDF.

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