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    Gantry asked a good question about Joe LeBlanc's credentials so I did a little bit of research. Really interesting story here about his father who died when he was three and his step dad. The more I read about this kid, the more I like about him.

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    You work fast goferphan, thanks! Meeker is quite the town, I couldn't even keep up with all the names and relationships of state champs in that article.

    LeBlanc must have hit a growth spurt, I don't think you see too many high school 160 pounders start their college careers at 184. Let alone AA at 184...

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    I think that was his senior year and then wonder if he was a redshirt or not. He fits the weight well though. He looks and wrestles like a true 184'lber.

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    When he pinned someone ? highly ranked last year at Vegas they had an article about how he lives in the weight room trying to prove he belongs . Hard working kid .

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    I think that he was true frosh last year. Wish thta I had him on my team, but one of you guys grabbed him first. and i hope that Yohn being at 197 this weekend was just an experiment.....I think that I could use him a lot at 184. He's gonna AA!! His first year was like Kish's.....injured or sick and trying to play catch up with the conditioning.
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    LeBlanc is a great kid and a great wrestler. He was unfortunatley overshadowed a bit by The Yohn brothers, Graff, Cejudo and the Lane brothers. Looks like he might be the best out of the group so far. Minus Cejudo

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