Interesting stuff.

125: Andrew Long is back wrestling with a nice performance, majoring Krutsinger in the finals.

133: Cody garcia, a D-2 national champ, has a nice performance winning the weight with a decision over Nate Moore in the finals. The guy is legit, he beat Jordan Oliver last year.

141: Unfortunately, Gallick Med FFT'd in the Semi's, or else he would have met Joe Slaton in the Finals. Slaton ended up winning 14-7.

149: Mueller won in a relatively empty weight.

157: Interesting results, with ISU's back up, SOrenson, beating Derek St. John in the semis, and then Sorenson beat Brett Robbins in the Finals, after Nate Carr Med FFT'd.

165: Jon Reader dominated his way through a weight without many names in it.

174: Duke Burke has a nice tournament and wins the thing with consecutive 3-1 decisions over Iowa's back up, Lofthouse, and his own back up, Spangler.

184: Grant Gambrall upsets Jerome Ward 6-2 in the Finals. Ward did beat the guy who beat him in wrestle offs, Joe Curran, in the semis.

197: Varner dominates teh bracket with 4 pins and an 8-0 major.

HWT: Zabriskie wins in relatively uneventful fashion, but he doesn't appear to have given up a point.