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Thread: Central Missouri Open

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    Wowwwwwwww...craziness in that heavyweight class all around the country so far this year.

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    Brackets are updated. Gelogaev wins 197 with a couple of decisions in the semis and finals. Rosholt wins at HWT 5-2 over Finn. Dorian Henderson beats Mike Benefiel 9-4.
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    Dominant 6-0 win over Shinn by Oliver in the 133 finals.

    Glad to see Meade come back and take 3rd and avenge his loss to Toal in the process.

    While I obviously was rooting for better it seems as though the fact that Zach Toal is VERY good is going to become quite apparent to his opponents in open tournaments this year.

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    Anybody know why parks was "unattached?"
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    Henderson with convincing wins over McNeil and Benefiel = FANTASTIC!

    Schavrien winning handily = Promising.

    McCormick getting majored by Oliver, but taking 3rd = Potential

    O'Donnell taking 2nd and wrestling White tough = Encouraging

    Wright losing to Erisman in finals = Expected, but disappointing.

    Toal going 1-1 with Meade = Great job!

    Marable with lots of bonus pts = Driven

    Haynes wrestling Gelogaev tough + lots of bonus pts = Impressive

    Ellis/Bradley = Disappointing

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