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    Boise State isn't there this year so that brings the level of competition down quite a bit, but the brackets are here for those interested in following this today.

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    Link doesn't work, if this a trackwrestling affair you have to link to the main event page because they do that weird "loginless login" thing.

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    Well, here is a second attempt.

    If this doesn't work just go to

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    Yeah, doesn't work but trackwrestling is easy enough.

    Look out for Kenny Hashimoto at the bottom of the 141 bracket. Multiple-time Judo champ, was an 8 or 9 seed at NCAAs two years ago as a freshman, lost to another freshman named Darrion Caldwell in the quarters.

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    After a really cursory look through the brackets, it seems as though a match between Kjar and Martinez in the 125 final may be our likely bout of the day.

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    Yeah, not a lot of big names there...

    I see a Seiji Hashimoto at 149 for Northern Coloado, has to be Kenny's brother right? Same Judo pedigree?

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    Ya'll gotta follow my HS Junior 145 pounder at 149-Nathaniel Garcia (20 & Under). Fell 2nd round 8-5, but hope he can make some nosie in consos.

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    Martinez beats Kjar 5-3 in OT in your marquee match of the tournament in the 125 final.

    125: Martinez (Wyoming)
    133: Barksdale (Adams State)
    141: VonOhlen (Air Force)
    149: Dallaserra (Wyoming)
    157: Mosher (Great Falls)
    165: Onufer (Wyoming)
    174: Kamarudeen Usman (Unattached)
    184: LeBlanc (Wyoming)
    197: Sand (Adams State)
    285: Alexander (Western State)

    VonOhlen knocked off Hashimoto 8-6 in OT in the 141 semi's, Hashimoto came back to take 3rd beating VomBaur from Wyoming who had been knocked off earlier in the process.

    LeBlanc had tech falls in all four matches.

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