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    according to this site>

    They say has released that Iowa Central is #2

    Any one know where to find any rankings of individuals?

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    they are listed under

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    Interesting to see former high school national champ and NJCAA champ Travis Hammonds back, he and little Muz should be a doozy at 165. Don't think he's wrestled in a few years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xswatman View Post
    they are listed under

    i couldnt find it at wrestlingreport. But the njcaa finally put it on their site..

    Iowa Central has 1 guy ranked in each weight class, but some of them haven't even wrestled yet..
    BTW, ICCC's 197 from last year (national champ) Phil Hawes is rumored to be heading to VT in Spring....


    125 Michael Garofalo
    133 Joe Colon
    141 Vinny Pisani
    149 Tanner Kampen
    157 Chuck Pieritz
    165 Sam Bonsu
    174 Juan Vega
    184 Nick Pica
    197 Carl Foreside
    HWT Phil Mandzik
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