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Thread: TWT Rankings?

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    How about we each come up with our top 3 in each weigh and then the boss tabulates the results??? I suspect that with LoST's off the wall picks, we could go down 10 deep easily.
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    I think Top 10, we could just do a poll or a quick arrangement of 1-10 and then just weight the results and compile them. Sounds like something for LoSt.

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    125 Nickerson, Escobedo, Sanders
    133 Gomez, Ness, Hochstrasser
    141 Humphrey, Gallick, Rader
    149 Metcalf, Palmer, Ruschell
    157 Burroughs, O'Conner, Sanderson
    165 King, Schlatter, Howe
    174 Lewnes, Miller, Borschel
    184 Pucillo, Keddy, Smith
    197 Varner, Brester, Taylor
    Hwt Ellis, Zabriskie, Rosholt

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