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    is there any website or brackets posted somewhere?

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    Here's the website, though not a ton of results from what I can tell. Maybe one result? The website and interface is brutal, so maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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    That website is terrible. Thanks for it though.

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    They must be having some serious problems. I have followed other events using that system without any problems.

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    Someone posted this on the other board:


    125 Panhale (Army)

    133 Army

    141 Nauman (Pitt)

    149 LeValley (Bucknell)

    157 Fittery (American)

    165 Rendos (Bucknell)

    174 Hedlee (Pitt)

    184 Thompson (Bucknell)

    197 Stark (Army)

    285 Craig (Lock Haven)

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