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    I was looking for results to the University of Michigan wrestle-offs and I found this on there web-site. Horrific for Mark I can't imagine what he is personally dealing with.
    I also can't believe I didn't hear about this sooner with all the coverage flo is giving to there new facility I can't believe this wasn't brought up.

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    Thats extremely sad. My heart goes out to the Beaudry family and their friends.

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    I saw where Michigan had canceled their wrestle offs -but this is horrible news , my heart goes out to this young man .

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    Terrible news, my deepest condolences to Mark and his family...

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    Unthinkably sad. Great parents FLYING in for just a wrestle off. He will remember their love and dedication forever.
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    This is awful news. Prayers and best wishes for Mark and the entire Beaudry family.

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