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Thread: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

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    Default Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    VERY strange timing to do it the first weekend of the season:

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    This seemed very strange as well, from the article:

    An announcement came earlier in this year that the university wasn't going to renew Bonomo's contract when it expired in two years.

    Doesn't it seem strange to announce two years in advance that he will be fired?

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    The community wanted Bonomo out, due to lack of producing success within the conference, nevermind nationals.

    I could smell this coming ever since Waller was appointed "Associate Head Coach" to Rock. That seemed really strange to me and it got me thinking. Im not in the least bit surprised that this move has been made.

    With Waller hopefully in place as the Head Coach(waiting for announcement), Teyon Ware as a Volunteer Assistant, and with rumors of Matt Lackey coming to town to coach, LHU is looking to be getting serious about wrestling once again. Thank God. That area of the state has been producing great H.S. talent for eons, with LHU at the heart of it.

    Now if they could just get some facility upgrades to help out with new recruits...

    Demott just verballed there today, not a bad pick up at all...

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    ^^^From what I understand, the procedure for selection of the next head wrestling coach likely will be a national search. -Stove Pipe

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    So they are going to hire a new coach even though the season has started? This is all just so strange...

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    From what I can gather, it's all but a done deal that Robbie will step in as the new head coach at Lock Haven. I expect an annoucement either this afternoon or Monday.

    Should be an exciting time for Lock Haven.

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    ^^^Several months after the decision was made not to extend Coach Bonomo's contract beyond May of 2011, and after the hiring of Robbie Waller, I was told that LHU president Dr Miller's position was that there would be a national search for the next LHU head coach.

    Your post indicates that the president of LHU has changed his position about a national search. Interesting times.

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    I may know a thing or two about the situation ...

    As far as I can tell, I believe they will name Robbie the Head Coach, at least for the time being. The terms or the extent of his contract is unknown to me at this time.

    Robbie has been working hard - from what I've heard mostly solo - for the past couple of months. He's really enjoying the kids on the team and I think good things can happen with this new staff.

    Hopefully everyone gets behind the new staff. It would be great to see them do well for LHU & the EWL.

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    Default Re: Bonomo out at Lock Haven

    ^^^The understanding of the LHU wrestling community is that coach Waller's current contract is for two years. Thank you for the reply.

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