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Thread: Missouri Wrestle Offs

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    Default Missouri Wrestle Offs

    Are going today, apparently right now...

    The big match is obviously Ellis v. Bradley at heavyweight, but I'll be interested to see who comes out on top of matches at 141 between Nick Hucke and Todd Schavrien, and 157 between Nick Gregoris and Patrick Wright.

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    Default Re: Missouri Wrestle Offs

    I got Schavrien and Wright.

    Also Bradley
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    Default Re: Missouri Wrestle Offs


    Updates so far:

    1. Wisdom dec. Dolan 5-2

    2. Bradley majors Farinella 14-2

    3. McCormick dec. Crane 3-1

    4. Schavrien dec. Hucke 7-1

    5. Wiest dec. O'Donnell 3-1 OT

    6. Wright dec. Gregoris 2-0

    7. Marable dec. Toal 8-2

    8. Henderson dec. Porter 3-2

    9. Askren fall over Keleher

    10. Haynes dec. Glore 9-2

    11. Ellis dec. Bradley 2-0
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    Default Re: Missouri Wrestle Offs

    Surprisingly big score from Marable against a guy that he's assumedly been wrestling with every day.

    Nice win for Ellis over Bradley, I'm sure that makes Gofer happy.

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    Default Re: Missouri Wrestle Offs

    Toal is a stud and he will be a multiple AA

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    Default Re: Missouri Wrestle Offs

    I am sure the offers for Ellis will come FLYING in now at this point...

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    Default Re: Missouri Wrestle Offs

    Gottem both here so don't matter 2 ME....

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