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Thread: Day One

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    Illinois results from the Lindenwood Open. Blanton (especially), Dergo, and Bond beast their collective ways through the tournament.

    Rough go to start off for Polz.

    125 BJ Futrell 3rd Place
    Kidd Gomez- Central OK win 9-6
    Venel Rene- Wheaton win fall
    Jarrod Patterson- OU loss 3-0
    Greg Gannon- OU win 5-3
    Andy McArthur- Lindenwood win TF
    Daryl Thomas- 2nd Place
    Appolo Harris- St. Louis CC win 10-8
    Joseph Lamar- MBU win TF
    Eric Ellington- Rend Lake win 7-3
    Cameron Ream- Central OK win 22-9
    Ray Stephens- NSA loss fall
    149 Eric Terrazas 1st Place
    Jacob Reid- McKendree win TF
    Josh Smith- HLC win13-5
    Kellen Bounous- Missouri win 10-3
    Matt Lester- OU win 2-1
    Vince Hannon- Lindenwood win 4-3
    157 Clint Arlis- 3rd Place
    Will Shelton- OU win 15-5
    Tre Davidson- Lindenwood win 14-4
    Kyle Blankenship- HLC win TF
    Kyle Detmer- OU loss 10-2
    Jake Johnson- Lindenwood win 5-4
    Kyle Dooley- ILL win 7-0
    157 Kyle Dooley- 4th Place
    Ryan Farris- Missouri win 9-3
    Jake Johnson- Lindenwood win 5-4
    Kyle Detmer- OU loss 2-1
    Bobby Williams- OU win 4-2
    Kyle Blankenship- HLC win 3-2
    Arben Balazi- McKendree win 7-2
    Clint Arlis- ILL loss 7-0
    157 Dan Stelter- DNP
    Clay Reeb- OU loss 5-3
    Josh Calteux- Wheaton win 10-2
    Jake Johnson- Lindenwood loss 4-2
    165 Conrad Polz- 5th Place
    Gerald Harris- MBU win 13-3
    Zach Toal- Missouri loss 6-3
    Robert Copeland- OU win fall
    John Fuller- Rend Lake win fall
    Jordan Gagliano- Missouri win 15-4
    Dustin Burton- Lindenwood win 7-0
    Tyler Caldwell- OU loss 11-2
    174 Jordan Blanton- 1st Place
    Shea Baker- Rend Lake win fall
    Drakkar Klose- Lindenwood win fall
    Robbie Hicklin- Lindenwood win fall
    Aaron Winning- McKendree win fall
    184 John Dergo- 1st Place
    Kyle Reid- McKendree win 3-2
    Mitch Alberstott- Rend Lake win fall
    Tommy Tuck- Lindenwood win fall
    Ian Daube- OU win fall
    197 Patrick Bond- 1st Place
    Matt Murphy- SIUE win fall
    Jeff Roman- Wheaton win fall
    Ike Okenwa- MBU win 12-1
    Andrew Sanchez- McKendree win 5-3
    197 Marty Smith- DNP
    Andrew Sanchez- McKendree loss 6-2
    Jeff Roman- Wheaton win 7-2
    Keldrick Hall- OU loss 6-5
    HVY Pat Walker- 5th Place
    Corey Johnson- OU win 7-6
    Jeremiah Webb- Lindenwood win 5-2
    Marcus Moore- Lindenwood loss 4-0
    John Clark- Rend Lake win 7-2
    Corey Johnson- OU win 7-3
    Michael Wakim- MBU loss fall
    HVY Jake Norman- DNP
    Travis Pettingil- Lindenwood loss 8-4
    Clayton Olsson- MBU win 3-2
    Chris McMullin- St. Louis CC win 3-1
    Cedric Powell- McKendree los 7-3

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    Was this one of the tournaments counted in the fantasy leagues?

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    Hell naw...

    We are counting Boises Dual though
    Gold is an idiot.

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    never mind

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    Oklahoma Gold and Brockport are the same tournament.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Oklahoma Gold and Brockport are the same tournament.
    I realized this a couple days ago...

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    What if we have guys competing in both!?
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    College Scores from Oct. 30-31


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    Looks like we have our answer as to whether or not Kirk Smith is wrestling this year.

    Thanks for bringing all of those together in one place.

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